Ways to Deal With TDS Internet Outage Problem

If you use TDS Internet service then you are lucky! They are by far the most reliable and friendly internet service provider that we have ever come across. TDS not only has a sterling reputation but it also exceeds the expectations of their customers by offering some amazingly variant and affordable plans.

In addition to this, one of the most prominent offers that make them seem like at the top of their game is the fiber-to-door connection. Their futuristic approach and high concerns for the customers have always highlighted them on the map of the country.

However, everything has its limits! We can surely say that TDS holds the ability to beat all the odds has paved the way to continue to be the best option in the market but it has its moments. There is a possibility that customers might experience an outage problem while using the service on rare occasions. And there is always more than one explanation for this issue.

Outage problems can be caused by several elements and we cannot make our minds up about any service before knowing the reason behind the problem. So to make the picture more coherent, we have jotted down the possible reasons that cause an outage.

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·  Network Congestion

Network Congestion occurs when there are several devices connected to a single network which leads to an overwhelming load and an outage. It compromises the quality of the connection and fails to deliver a sufficient amount of signal to the device.

Currently, due to the pandemic where the whole family is using the same internet connection, this problem has become quite common. But the brighter side is that it has an easier solution and it is that you should schedule the usage or just don’t use it in the peak hours.

·  Fluctuation of Speed

TDS always delivers what you sign up for, but not every ISP is as reliable and trustworthy as TDS. If you are connected with a low-quality service provider you might face an outage issue more often. There are times when an ISP does not use optimized lines to provide you the service.

This leads to a possibility for you to get a lower rate of service than the one you are paying for. That is why you must access an authentic and well-known internet service provider. You can stay a step ahead by checking your internet speed through a speed test website and compare it with the speed mentioned in the bill. It will surely clear your doubts and will save you from the stress of the outage issues.

Ways to Deal With TDS Internet Outage

Once you understand that there is more than one reason for the outage to occur, you can easily move on to dealing with the issue more effectively. To make you understand the process of resolving the outage problem we have constructed a step by step guide that will help you is dealing with the outage issue more easily.

1. Examine the Situation

When you face an outage problem, before taking any step you need to make sure that the wirings and the devices are working properly. There are times when a wire might be damaged or disconnected and you don’t know about it.

Plus, you should also figure out the possible reasons for an outage. If there is bad weather then you cannot do much about it because no one has control over these external situations. Once you are sure that there is no such problem, you can move to the next step.

2. Resolve It Through the Router

Solving an outage problem through a router means that you can simply reboot your router and reconnect it. Plug out all the wires and switch off the router, wait around 30 seconds and then reattach the wires. Connect the router with your device after few minutes of opening up your router and you are good to go.

In case, this process doesn’t work in your favor then you can move to the next most effective method. That is easier but might have a lower chance to work. However, there is no harm in trying, right?

3. Resolve It Through the Device

In this part, you just have to refresh your system or device on which you using the internet. You can simply restart the whole system or you can just reconnect the network. The thing is that every time you connect to the ISP, it provides you a unique IP address, so if you refresh the system or reconnect the network, it will render you are new IP address which will increase the chances of you getting out of an outage problem.

TDS Is the Solution

TDS is always up for helping their customers in need, so when everything fails and you don’t find a way to resolve the outage problem on your own, you can simply connect the TDS customer service and ask for assistance.