Top Universities and Credentialing Bodies to Begin a Data Science Career

The unprecedented changes caused by COVID-19 upended the lives of millions of tech professionals. More so, for those employed in the data science domain.

The pandemic has not only transformed the way we work but has also pushed data science and analytics to the forefront. As a result, it has altered the way data science professional handle their task.

Specialists who’re already working in the field may clearly understand the transformation most organizations are undergoing.

However, it can be a different scenario for young data science professionals who have been recently hired or those looking to start their career post-pandemic.

Even so, it is already becoming critical for fresh graduates and aspiring data scientists as most organizations remain skeptical in hiring fresh candidates due to a lack of practical skills.

Fresh graduates and workers: How to stay job-ready during such crises

Adapting skills and upskilling are some of the most common ways for workers and aspiring data scientists to stay ahead of the game.

  • Gartner report says, about 70 percent of the workforce still lag in skills to perform their current job roles efficiently. Other organizations that agreed with the report acknowledged stating the “tech skill” gap to be the most alarming.

This is where universities with online learning and credentialing bodies play a major role.

We will further discuss how aspiring and experienced data science professionals can stay competitive even during difficult times.

Those wanting to build a data science career can start by choosing the right data science programs offered by different universities and credentialing bodies. Remember the phrase? “Not all certifications and programs are created equal.”

Some programs and certifications offer substantially better learning opportunities as compared to others. While some may focus on just theoretical and others may focus on providing practical experience. It is for you to make the right decision and choice.

Elevate skills and stay relevant even during pandemic times, how?

Due to the global pandemic, many tech professionals have adopted online learning. Although there was already growth in online learning, a significant surge has been seen since the pandemic hit.

Enrollments at online platforms have skyrocketed since lockdown. Many professionals rage into the internet looking for the best data science certification programs and universities to choose from.

Some of the elite universities and credentialing bodies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon, and Data Science Council of America (DASCA) are worth mentioning.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Based out of Boston, U.S., MIT offers a 12-month Master of Business Analytics program (MBAn) program for students looking to begin their careers in the field of data science. One of the important aspects of enrolling in the MBAn program is the project that they provide during the learning period. Such projects further help students take up challenges related to solving critical business challenges in data science.

  • Data Science Council of America

The Data Science Council of America provides the latest certification programs for data scientists looking to get into leadership roles. While industry requirement keeps changing so will the requirement of skills. A recent 2021 research highlighted two skills that will be most sought after – expertise in building machine learning models and know-how of the latest trends.

The Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification program offers relevant industry exposure to future data science leaders. The program offers a combination of cutting-edge research and the latest knowledge framework curated by over 70 subject matter experts from the global and zonal council and committees.

Senior professionals who’ve obtained the SDS™ program from DASCA are likely to secure jobs in leadership roles.

The knowledge framework is dedicated to helping you excel in becoming global leaders in data science.

  • Carnegie Mellon

Students enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University’s Data Science programs instruct students within an interdisciplinary environment.

Students who’ve graduated from this university might need to seek jobs outside Pittsburg for better career opportunities.

If you’re looking for more universities to get into, you may also opt for the Imperial College of London or the University of Helsinki. However, choosing the best data science certification programs might not be as simple as you think.

Applicants who aspire to get into leadership roles need to take time and investigate what precisely each program offers.

Nonetheless, you can have multiple options to choose from, just remember, not every program or certification is equal.


Undoubtedly, data science is still seen as one of the most remarkable and growing careers in the tech industry. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the world will see more than 11.5 million job opportunities in the field of data science by 2026.

Thus, the rise of jobs means there will be more career options for every professional looking to get into the data science realm.