Top 5 Highly Known Gaming Apps

Android apps are highly known as you can barely find a person who does not know about them. There are several applications in the play store that are used according to le desire. Today’s topic of discussion is, what are the top 5 gaming apps which you should install on your phone and can be played by every age people. If you too want to know about these popular gaming apps then you should keep on reading.

1.      Candy Crush

Candy crush is one of the most playing games worldwide. In this game app development, you have to align a minimum of three of the similar candies to get them. Its captivating features keeps the player engaged and makes him or her curious to keep on playing. It has numerous levels in which hardships rises with every level passing.

2.      Ludo Star

Ludo was initially played on a board however, it is now been upgraded to a smartphone application. It is a four-player game that can also be played by a minimum of two players. It has 4 colours; red, yellow, blue and green which makes its players distinct from each other. It is a highly captivating game that has been played for several years.

3.      Pub-g

Pub-g game is specially made to entertain young boys however, it can be played by anybody. It is a thrilling and adventurous fighting game which is being played by teaming up with a group of people. In this game, the team fight together in order to let their team successful. This game is highly played by youths nowadays due to its extra enthusiastic features.

4.      8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is a type of snooker game that is based on 13 balls, the 12 colourful balls are called object balls while the one black ball is called target balls. All these balls are hit by a cue ball and the target can be targeted at the last. One who goals the targets ball into the pocket first wins the game.

5.      Temple Run

Temple run is also an interesting game where you have to run from a monster defending your self. Whenever you hit by anything your speed in the game will get slower which helps the monster getting closer to you. You have to run faster along with collecting gems and jewels by avoiding obstacles in order to win the level.

6.      Subway Surfer

Subway surfer game resembles a bit with temple run game, in this game you have to run from a policeman in order to safe your life. In between, your destination you have to face several hurdles which you have to avoid and collect coins in order to get rewarded with a great bonus. There will arrive several obstacles with every level passage which you have to accomplish in order to move forward to a new level.