Tips To Get Inside, Without Breaking The Bin

With the advancement of technology and increase in the per capita income of the people that have, in turn, led to the increased purchasing capacity of the people in general, there has been a large demand as well as the sale of the electronics products. Mobiles, laptops and tablets are the products that dominate the sale of electronics worldwide, the pace at which technology is enhancing has led to the overbuying and over disposing of these electronics. There is no doubt that this increased purchase has led to the disposal of such electronics also which could have survived or used for little longer than they were actually used, hence accelerating the problem of e-waste. Electronic waste is turning out to be the biggest problem creator when it comes to the environment. It is heartening that the concept that is also our focus in today’s topic of e-waste bin Singapore has gained momentum in the last few years but there is a lot that still needs to be done. People have very less awareness about the problem of electronic waste and its implications on the environment, but there is a need that awareness about this menace is created so that we can assure a sustainable future.


When the electronics item we use is created, a lot goes in the manufacturing of these intricate devices which include everything from metals to plastics to chemicals that include heavy metals as well. So this waste has to be treated differently and not like just any other waste. Even if the electronic waste is incinerated then also a lot of fossil fuel and other resources go into the burning of it. Moreover, the fumes that will be created as a result of heavy metals or chemicals coming in contact with the fire can be dangerous for the environment as they will aid in global warming.


Initially, it should be started by taking into account all the stakeholders from manufacturer to retailers to customers and most importantly it must and should include government also. This shall be done under a framework which is known as extended producer responsibility framework. Under this framework, it shall be the responsibility of the producer to look that their products are returned to them once they complete their lifetime so that they can be treated optimally. They can achieve this by setting a target for themselves and pushing them to take care of all devices produced by them that are recycled properly. The biggest advantage of including the producers in this framework is that recently it has been seen that the technology that is being developed is not recycling friendly, so including the producers will compel them to design their products in such a way that they can be easily recycled.

Another way to achieve this is by including the retailers also in this framework. As they act as the direct contact point with customers, they can be included to make the collection of devices that have reached the end of their lifetime.


The first and foremost thing you must know when going through this blog – e-waste bin Singapore is a way of managing the problem of e-waste on the part of the customer by deciding whether a particular product is really important for us, is it such that you cannot do without having that product. If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should go for buying these products, or even if you feel the need of buying it, how much will you really use it? If the answer is no, and you were planning to buy it just for the sake of showing-off then don’t buy it. It will have two advantages: first, you will save your hard-earned money and second you will contribute to not enhancing the e-waste.

Even if you are facing any problem with your current device that compels you to think of buying a new one, then also your priority should be going in for repairs and not for replacement. You should go to the service centre and get your device checked by an expert. Sometimes the repair of the device may make it even better than what it was before. The expert will tell you the problem and whether it can be rectified or not. If the device is beyond repairs then also the experts will let you know about it. In that case, of course, you will be left with no option but to go for a new device.

Here,  we have discussed that how e-waste bin Singapore can be done, as for that there will be designated bins where you must leave your device and from there it will carry on by the right people who are designated and trained to carry out recycling of these devices and do whatever can be the best way to recycle that product. Participating in such an endeavour we can do our bit toward the environment.