Significance of Incorporating Social Media in App Development Process

Who is not aware of the power of social media? It has served as a great means to communicate, collaborate and interact with the users all around the world. As the social media account creation is free, about 3 billion people use it all around the world. Furthermore, 87% of these users visit Facebook at least once a day. With such saturation on the social media platforms, marketers find it a quite productive platform to flourish their business, reach out to their potential customers and make them knowledgeable about their brand including its benefits. 

This is why there is a need to incorporate social media in the business’s running process. As mobile app development has taken over our lives, businesses too are getting applications and therefore there is a dire need to integrate social media into the business application. Roll down to know how the social media integration in the business application helps in its success. 

Boosted App Functionality

Incorporation of social media in the application actually plays a crucial role in increasing the functionality of the app. As people these days commonly have accounts on twitter and Facebook, creating an app that provides access using these social media accounts actually helps in running a simple and smooth on boarding process. People could now easily create accounts and enter login information instead of filling the sign-up forms, making up the user name and remember yet another password. The sign-up fill ups are usually time consuming and may put off users from using your application. 

When you cut down the process to easy access, it not only enhances the functionality of the application, but will also increase the user purchase, encourage more visits and let them have the best experience using your app.  Social media integration in the mobile app actually makes it a hassle-free process for the consumer. It also has another advantage; it allow you to know whether your mutual also has interest in that particular brand. Many users follow such brands because of this mutual interest. This eventually results in more audience recognizing your business.  

In-App Sharing on Social Media

During the app development process make sure to incorporate the option of social media feeds and in-app sharing options in it. You must have seen your brand’s Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn pages in your social media feed. Such feeds could also be placed inside the application allowing the user to get updates regarding any upcoming events. It actually provides convenience to interact with the audience without the need of leaving the app and hence grow your business through your application. 

Furthermore, the CTA (click-to-action) also known as social media sharing button is used to directly share any information, post or article etc. from the app. This also includes sharing to Facebook or twitter any of your in-app activity such as sharing game scores on any social media platform. App developers who create an app like Facebook might not have thought of its extensive use even in business. 

Enhanced Visibility of the Application

No doubt the social media platform is great to get recognition, but one needs to be mindful of the correct and strategic use of the platform in order to bring your application into recognition by millions of audience that might be your potential customer. When you make use of the social sharing options, you are posting your in-app activity to a massive audience on social media and this is how it will boost your visibility. For instance, if someone had an achievement in your application, they could share it on social media with their family and friends. This allows the application to reach a newer audience. 

Furthermore, the social media platforms are known for its higher user acquisition and conversion rates. Integrating the social media into your application, you can boost your visibility through a cost-effective method. No doubt this leads to increased brand awareness in a much serene way. 

It also allows you to update your audience about any recent activity, upcoming discounts or deals etc. People could easily find you through social media and that too with a branded hashtag. You can regularly stay in touch with our audience through social media sharing. Make sue for the best time to share when most of your audience is likely to be active. The more the visibility, the more will be the download and the more people will engage with your business. 


Do you see how social media integration in mobile applications could boost its productivity to a much higher level? Your app’s success is majorly dependent upon social media. No doubt the blend of mobile application and social media is a great way to get recognition, grow and increase the sales of a business.