7 Best Lead Generation Software for Business growth in 2021

There are no two opinions that generating high-quality leads is not a cakewalk until you have tried the best lead generation software.

You will be amazed to see that more than 80% of marketers are leveraging the power of lead generation tools to hit their targets. Because if your lead generation strategy is stronger and smarter, you can easily attract visitors, gather their information, and nurture them and become your loyal customers.

Now, are you looking for the best lead generation software that will drive communications and turn visitors into loyal customers?

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As there are thousands of tools available in the marketplace, choosing the best is not so easy. To make it effortless I have jotted down some powerful and commonly used lead generation software that helps in making more sales.

Best Lead Generation Software to use in 2021


Are you looking for the most productive and free lead generation tool that is using an inbound marketing approach to reach more audience, then HubSpot is the best option you can ever make. It is an all-in-one platform that helps you generate leads via landing pages, social media, forms, emails, etc. Plus, it offers an amazing analytic feature that helps you understand, measure, and improve your lead generation efforts.

Moreover, the HubSpot marketing tool will update you with all the happenings that will further help you generate leads. The best part about this tool is that you can avail the support options according to your plan.

If you want to get updated with what’s happening and perform automatic web searches to gather more contact information and convert more leads, don’t miss adding HubSpot at the top of your list.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another effective software that automates lead management, marketing, service, and sales. By using this software, you can easily capture, qualify, nurture and convert leads. It offers amazing features like two-way emails, help desk, web analytics, telephony, contact management lead scoring, etc., that allows you to perform your task effortlessly. This cloud-based and personalized lead generation tool is best suited for midsize companies. But if you are running a smaller business or a startup, then you can preferably go with its free version. Its free version supports upto ten users and three paid plans. Also, you will get a chance to test-drive its CRM basics.


OptinMonster lead generation tool can also help you capture and nurture quality leads and then convert them into loyal customers. With the help of its drag and drop builder, you can easily create lead generation forms, appealing pop-ups that will help you boost your conversion rate. You can easily integrate this software with other CRM available in the market.

It offers more than 50 pre-built templates by using which you can generate leads to maximize your growth and revenue. Additionally, this software allows you to target campaigns to showcase lead capturing forms at specific pages or specific times. So, if you are pondering over the software that allows you to turn visitors on the basis of location, in that case, Optinonster can help you take actionable steps for better lead generation.


Another popular lead generation software that wins the heart of marketers is Mailchimp. It is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that allows you to execute your marketing campaign successfully. It gathers all the data which further helps in better analyzing and converting the visitors into leads and then into potential customers. Mailchimp offers various features like automating emails, creating emails using drag and drop builder, analyzing website performance, customized emails, monitoring trends, and many more. Surprisingly, you can utilize this tool for managing contacts upto 2000 for free. So, if you want to tailor more contacts, capture quality leads, and grow faster, Mailchimp can be another option to choose from.


When it comes to lead generation, then intercom can also help you make stronger relations with your leads and amplify your business growth. It’s another trusted software that can be used to acquire customers via live chats on websites. Once the lead is captured, it automatically reaches out and sends it to the sales team.

It offers amazing features like conversational support, lead scoring, visitor identification, lead capturing, and many more. Moreover, this software also collects audience feedback that further helps you collect more leads. Also, users can schedule the messages that will further increase the interaction. If you are on a tight budget and want to generate high-quality leads, then you can get started with intercom.


Similar to HubSpot, Pipedrive is also easy to use software that helps you better sell your products and services without putting in huge efforts and time. This software is specially designed by the sales team, which displays the status of the funnel stage. The better you understand the current status of your sales, the easier it becomes to generate leads

Smart forms, automated leads routing, outbound lead prospecting, etc., are some of the Pipedrive lead generation tools that allow you to collect information from your visitors and align them for better results. Basically, Pipedrive is not free; it offers three monthly plans, including $15 per month, $59 per month, $1,188 per month. So, what are you waiting for? Start generating more leads with Pipedrive.


Last but not least, a marketing platform that helps you generate leads for your sales pipeline is Pardot. Its robust features empower sales to close more deals, including smart forms, landing page builder, social posting, organic and paid search, profiling, etc. But one thing that might distract you from choosing Pardot is its price.

By using this software, you can analyze the performance in various fields. Like you can build life cycle reports, analyze lead sources, align automated lead scoring, analyze engaged prospects, identify top-performing content, etc. Basically, Pardot is not free and has four plans that cost you from $15,000 per month to $180,000 per month. Thus, only those who can leverage the features of Pardot can afford it.

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In a Nutshell

Lead generation isn’t so easy, but if you choose the right software, you can easily reach out to potential visitors and achieve your business goals. Hopefully, the above checklist will help you make the right choice.

Whenever you choose, make sure you compare its features with another to make the right decision at the right time. Are you still getting confused about making the right choice? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.