How HR Software Support Employees’ Mental Health?

Good mental well-being is when a person has a purpose, direction, and confidence that he or she can cope with whatever life throws at him/her. However, just like our physical health wavers, mental health also goes through ups and downs. Mental health disorders affect approximately 13 percent of the world population. Now, no one can truly resolve a problem without acknowledging it. Hence, raising awareness about mental health issues is the first step to addressing it.

Mental health issues have accelerated during the current scenario. We all know that coronavirus with its long-lasting disruptions across all sectors nudged organizations to take several tough calls. From lay off to extended pay cuts, companies used different ways to cut down their expenses during this crisis. All of these have been silently impacting the psychological health of individuals lately.

According to a recent study, 5% of people have experienced depression, and hopelessness almost every day since the outbreak of COVID.

Luckily, a good number of companies in India were quick to take note and step in to help their employees deal better. Raising awareness of mental health forced business leaders to take new ways to help their people bring their whole selves to work. Needless to say, the state of mental health of a working individual is directly dependent on his or her productivity and overall growth. From launching engagement and L&D initiatives, different companies used different techniques to handle their demotivated and disengaged employees. One such way was implementing HR software. Truth be told, HR systems have helped businesses to make sure that their employees feel cared for and secured during COVID days.

In this blog, we will tell you how HR systems can support the mental health of employees. Let’s dive in.

It Offers Survey Features

HR software helps companies to take surveys and polls in a matter of seconds. These surveys can help businesses to know the pulse of their employees and take necessary actions for improving things for them.

It Provides Encouraging Features

From amazing badges to reward points, HR software offers several features that can help a company to motivate its employees and keep them engaged during WFH. Managers will not have to spend a lot of time to appreciate or recognize their employees.

It Promotes Collaboration

Communication is the key to any problem. However, the current WFH working model has impacted the collaboration between employees, managers, and employers. This is when HR software comes into play. Such systems offer chatbot and video-conferencing features that help employees to communicate with their peers and managers whenever they require. Having an efficient communication medium in place can significantly improve overall employee engagement.

It Empowers Employees

In a traditional setup, employees email their HRs and higher authorities to request anything or highlight any problem. Not addressing their problems is another reason that leads to disengaged employees. HR software comes with employee self-service features that solve this problem as well. Using ESS, employees can do a lot of simple tasks without having to disturb anyone that in turn will boost their confidence to a great extent.

Hope you will take a step ahead and invest in HR software to support your employees’ mental health.