Is data science the answer to the ordeals of the Indian information technology industry?

Indian IT industry started its operation with the birth of Tata Consultancy Services back in the 1960s. Since then the prospect of growth and employment encouraged investors and the government to invest heavily in the industry. Academia in the country gradually oriented itself in order to provide an adept workforce to the industry. Computer science as a discipline in India became mainstream over the years and an astonishingly high number of engineers and technical personnel were deployed.

Due to the abundance of options regarding workers and significantly lower wages, Western tech giants started to outsource from India. This was proven to be an essential boost for the industry and a valid employment option for job seekers. This dependency, however, is one of the significant weaknesses of the industry today along with many other factors. Due to the presence of these weaknesses people working in the IT industry suffer in a multitude of ways. This article will explore just that and try to evaluate if a career in data science can be a better alternative.

The covid19 situation

What the pandemic meant during the initial months were repeated lockdowns. And the biggest blow was taken by the world economy. Loss of valuable lives and humanitarian disasters all over the world shattered the economic stability of the west as well as the east. Due to the hardships the western giants we mentioned, stopped the process of outsourcing. And reduced the funding to a detrimental level. IT professionals in our country were heavily dependent on the westerns economies and after their collapse job losses became a routine affair. The former zeal of an Indian job seeker was met with difficult choices and threats of unwanted diversification.

Mundane and less value of work

Due to the nature of our IT industry, the work done here is mostly of maintenance and development of a product conceived in the past. Lack of innovation was evident even before the pandemic happened. Mundane and routine tasks plagued the youth and destroyed the enthusiasm of creating new products. The work, in this case, is boring and exhausting for the employees which might manifest into something very suffocating at times. Additionally, this creative mess rendered the work culture of the Indian IT industry unhygienic for innovations.

However, the hope is not completely gone! Indian startups started filling the gaps in innovation and are estimated to employ a lot of people in the near future. But they are not yet mainstream recruiters and the suffering continues to worsen under the pressure of pandemic.

Data science: the savior?

Belonging from an IT or CSE background is advantageous when it comes to being proficient with data. Hence, during these tough times, a career shift is what people might think of. For becoming a professional, adequate training is essential alongside the knowledge. Clearly, it is the wisest to enroll in a data science course located in close vicinity with the industrial cities. For instance, a data science institute in Bangalore will not only provide the needed knowledge but at work training as well. When it comes to sifting through jobs quickly this comes in real handy. Additionally, the community support a student might get in Bangalore is arguably unmatched compared to any other In Indian city when it comes to data science.