Importance Of Food Safety Compliance Software

Stop to think about the food industry for a  minute. We all eat, and we eat several times a day. We put the food that others bring us into our bodies. Given that there is such variety in food types, and food processes, it cannot be denied that the food industry is one of the most sensitive categories of industries and it undergoes innovation and regulation change at a relatively fast pace. Given the precision required to maintain food safety and quality, regulations apply to every process of its journey to the consumer. Right from the farm or field through initial processing, further manufacturing, transportation, storage, retail display, and final consumption, food safety and quality requirements need to be met and maintained at every point. One glitch along with the way and food safety or quality is compromised and can cost lives or adversely affect customer confidence in your business.

Keeping on top of the tasks of controlling hazards, maintain evidence of control through the supply chain and demonstrating compliance with the food safety standards and regulations has become quite a task. Spreadsheet or paper-based documents and records to manage compliance in real-time is fast becoming an outdated way of keeping pace with the speed of production and distribution. Automation can help, and food safety compliance software can help efficiently controls important stages from production through distribution to ensure required food safety and quality systems are in place in real time. Compliance software can also be used to analyse data and assist you in decision making and identifying process improvement strategies.

Mobiom audit management software allows you to audit and demonstrate your processes are effective, in place, and that you have evidence of compliance to all your customer standards, food safety certifications, and food safety regulations. It ensures integrity in the audits by allocating auditors that match the audit task based on auditor qualification and food industry type. Mobiom can be customized to assess any food safety or quality process and raise non-conformances to help address risks before they become problems. With Mobiom, food safety and quality can be assessed and managed at any stage of the supply chain from primary production, through supplier manufacture, raw material receiving, through further manufacture, transport, and storage to final retail delivery to the consumer.

Mobiom also has an easy inspection function, that allows simple tasks to be checked at regular intervals where a full audit is not required. Daily tasks such as cool store temperature checks, cleaning, or critical Control Point (CCP) monitoring can easily be recorded and checked in real-time with Android and iOS apps. Mobiom has also been configured to be used online or offline at remote sites or in factories where there is no network coverage.

An extensive checklist library in Mobiom incorporates customized inspections and checklists to efficiently check processes ensuring food safety. A neat feature of Mobiom is that multiple checklists can be combined to ease the task for the operator, though the results of the checks can be split again for reporting purposes. This does away with multiple points of entry for the operator, yet still processes the records in a manner that is perfect for later review, analysis, or reporting.

Gone too are the tedious tasks of entering data such as the date and time, since Mobiom will enter these items for you, and gives your team more time to spend on vital food safety and quality tasks.

Mobiom has an array of interactive and powerful reports that allow quality managers and auditors to analyze trends, make decisions, and identify areas where changes and improvements in processes might be possible..

Some of the benefits of using Mobiom food safety compliance software include:

  • Recognize areas that need attention
  • Provide reports that can be analyzed for trends, to prevent risk and improve processes
  • Efficiently monitor risk areas of the business
  • Introduce efficiency to the audit task
  • Log non-conformances, support them with evidence and track them to close-out
  • Efficiently demonstrate compliance and risk management

Mobiom is a comprehensively customizable food safety compliance software making it easy to demonstrate compliance with food safety requirements and to help your business grow. Contact us for a free demo today and take control of all your business compliance needs.

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