Best Android Lifestyle Apps You Need to Have in Your Life

Living life becomes more hassle-free with ever-evolving technology. Myriads of amazing stuff have been created to accommodate people’s lifestyles. For instance, instead of sweeping the floor, just turn on the robot vacuum cleaner to help you with the cleaning process.

The burden of cleaning can surely be lessened with the help of technology. Moreover, there are also varieties of apps that are targeted for our being as well.

There are many choices that you can download on your Android phone. However, if you want to search for lifestyle apps and are having trouble choosing the best one, we lay out some of the amazing lifestyle apps you will love.

Sleep Cycle

Having a good sleep schedule can impact our mental and physical health positively. Hence, it is important not to overlook this matter for our well-being. Nevertheless, many tend to either oversleep or have little to no sleep at all due to certain reasons.

Therefore, downloading the Sleep Cycle is a great option as it can aid with such troubles. For instance, the app offers an extensive library filled with stories, meditations, and music for you to choose from. These sounds are devised to help with anxiety, regulate your breathing, provide you with comfort, and unwind.

Furthermore, it contains patented sound analysis technology to provide you with a detailed analysis of your sleep. The results are presented as simple insights, graphs, and trends, with tailored advice on how to change your routine to improve your sleep. By following the tips and guidance it provides, you will be able to experience a fulfilling and contented sleep.


Being stuck to our phones all day long is a common occurrence as many addictive things can be found in them such as games and social media. However, this habit must not be continued any further as it can create a feeling of lethargy and laziness.

Hence, to help overcome the long hours of being on the phone, it is a great option to download the Forest app. The app was created to help users stay focused and concentrate on the important things in life. By downloading the app, users will surely be able to break from their phone addiction and experience the tranquility of being offline.

Plant a tree to start your task, and during the time you are away, the tree will continue to grow. However, if you leave the app halfway, the tree that you planted will die. Therefore, if you can truly concentrate on your work, the trees will continue to grow, and you will have many beautiful trees as a result. You will also earn coins from it.

To make it more amazing, the app partners with a real-tree planting organization. As such, the coins that users earn can be used to spend on real tree planting. Therefore, the more coins you earn and spend, the more trees you would be able to plant in real life.


Do you ever have problems with forgetting certain tasks and not knowing which to focus on? If so, Todoist can help you to untangle your problem. It is an amazing task manager and to-do list app that can assist you in your daily life and make you more focused, organized, and calm.

Boasting over a million users and being appointed as the number one task manager app, it is a powerful addition to have in one’s life. It works to declutter your brain and help you focus on the important things.

To start your day, Todoist will present you with a clear overview of the things on your plate. As such, you will not lose track of what you must do. You can even set daily and weekly goals and visualize your productivity trends.

Moreover, having Todoist can improve your lifestyle greatly as you can keep track of your professional and personal tasks. Now you will not overlook your shopping lists anymore, such as groceries, pencils, or even a Bluetooth speaker.


Specializing in women’s health, Clue is an app that focuses on women’s period cycle and pregnancy tracking. Users will be able to track their periods, ovulation, and premenstrual syndrome from the app. Moreover, with over 30+ different tracking options, users can identify how the cycle affects their energy levels, skin, mood and so much more.

It is a great app for you to understand more about your body’s changes. Furthermore, you will be able to make informed health choices regarding your body from the data in the app and the science-based articles included.

Clue contains personalized reminders and analysis regarding your cycle. To add, you can also find amazing health advice from their medical experts regarding periods, sex, and reproductive health. These tips and articles are backed with medical and scientific references.


These are some of the amazing apps that can assist you in a happier and healthier lifestyle. Living a life far from stress and anxiety may be hard to achieve but it is possible. By having these apps in your life and diligently following the tips and tricks they provide, you can surely live a life of peace and contentment.