Why you should Pursue MBA degree and what is its Value?

The MBA is a program aimed at gaining knowledge in the field of management. Graduates of this professional program will obtain an MBA degree, listed after their name, supplemented by a diploma or a relevant certificate. The study is intended primarily for representatives of middle and top management, owners of companies, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the non-profit sector or government and is based on linking theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

The MBA educates in management disciplines while developing practical management skills. MBA studies do not replace university studies, they are professional management education. An MBA is not an academic degree; it is only a professional degree.

This professional study program is designed especially for managers working in all industries who seek to expand their knowledge and skills in management, want to increase their qualifications for management positions, want to be ahead of the competition in their career growth, want to learn new methods and technicians in management processes and are interested in exchanging managerial experience.

What will the MBA program teach?

The study places great emphasis on practice. Students solve case studies of companies from all over the world, lectures and seminars are led by top foreign managers. The MBA program will help deepen your knowledge of managerial practice.

How long does the study last?

The date of the ISB admission process is set by each Indian School of Business itself; in principle, it is possible to apply throughout the year. Entrance exams include a motivational interview, sometimes a managerial skills test or an English test.

Nevertheless, it is standard to have a completed bachelor’s degree if one wants to study and obtain an MBA. The condition of previous managerial practice is also very common, as it is a field intended primarily for current managers who want to deepen their knowledge.

What does MBA offer?

The MBA serves to deepen knowledge in management, business and a sense of team leadership. By obtaining the MBA degree, you can significantly improve your salary – you increase your qualifications and value on the labor market.

The study is focused on gaining not only theoretical knowledge, but also applicable practice, which managers can then use in their companies and teams. In today’s business world, know-how and competitive advantage are absolutely key to success. In addition to knowledge of company or team management, marketing or accounting, MBA studies also offer knowledge of statistics, business law, and financial management and information systems.

If in the future, a graduate would like to work abroad in a managerial position, an MBA degree will often be among the conditions for admission. Applicants with a degree in the field always have higher priority.

The vast majority of graduates of the ISB feel that studying has paid off and that it has brought them important knowledge into working life. The title next to the name not only serves prestige, but also shows that the individual has a willingness to learn and develop, is able to combine employment with study and has the knowledge and overview. If you are willing to pursue professional courses in ISB, contact here.