Top Technologies Innovating Education in 2021

Technology in education is booming like never before.

EdTech market is projected to cater to 9.6 million users with a market share of USD 1.96 billion by 2021. (KPMG and Google Report)

As technological innovations in education increase, are you ready to implement them in your institution?

As the world’s leading education company, Edvantic is playing a significant role in advancing the knowledge of new disciplines like data science and artificial intelligence even in the remotest educational institutions of the globe.

In this article, we understand the technologies that have been changing everything in education – how we teach, what we teach, and why we teach? Here are the top 6 tech innovations causing major uproars.

6 Biggest Tech Innovations in Education

1. Virtual Reality

Big tech companies are gearing up for brutal competition in Virtual Reality technologies including Samsung, Google, Oculus (by Facebook), among others. An education company working on VR technology is the hottest thing in the market today and is already selling like hotcakes. Google is introducing the medium in schools. Its applications include:

  • Experiential learning
  • Spark children imagination
  • Inspire creativity 
  • Explore new academic interests

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are being used to automate evaluation in schools and HEIs, as well as personalize learning. This tech is innovating education at an unprecedented pace and will make the most impact once it reaches its zenith. Its applications include:

  • Grading of subjects
  • Giving feedback
  • Personalizing pace of learning
  • Identifying learning problem areas
  • Tutoring (AI tutors are now teaching math and science)

3. 3D Printing

This is one of the silent technological innovations in education causing ripples, and guess what students are enchanted by it. 3D printers are bringing content from the textbooks to reality by giving them shapes that students can touch. It is innovating education for students. Its applications include:

  • For Aspiring Engineers in Schools
  • Students studying engineering and system designs
  • Developing prototypes
  • Immersive learning

4. Cloud Computing

The biggest and brightest of education companies suggest using cloud computing for educational institutions. Cloud computing makes resources accessible from anywhere in the world, and allows educators to share resources including written lessons, audios, videos, and more with the students. An education company in this tech field finds applications in:

  • Taking vital education resources digital
  • Enabling live chat with tutors
  • Ease assignments handling

5. Biometrics

Albeit not yet widespread in educational institutions, biometrics is streamlining education management by leaps and bounds. It is eliminating truancy and cheating from the system. Some ways biometrics can be used include facial recognition, voice recognition, iris tracking, fingerprint, and more. In higher education and K12 institutions, it can be used for:

  • Monitoring student attendance
  • Monitoring teacher absenteeism
  • Streamlining library processes
  • Monitoring student progress

6. Social Media

It’s not a new innovation, but in education it is yet to find its ground. Educational institutions are not leveraging social media to its fullest. These networking sites can be used on campuses and in online classes to connect with students worldwide and ensue discussions. Social media in education can be used for:

  • Organizing contests
  • Conducting meetings
  • Having parties
  • Exchange ideas

How to start innovating education?

So, from where must you begin?

As education becomes digital, so should your means to deliver instruction and connect with students. While it’s easy to go online, making the medium as impactful as in-person teaching is as challenging.

Leaders in education management must educate themselves, administrators and teachers on inculcating the best practices for using new technologies in education.

The future of digital education is bright, so long as we figure out how to leverage this medium. Edvantic specializes in helping institutions adopt new means of education delivery and assessment. Visit us to up your pace of adapting your teaching to tech innovations.