Ways Social Media & the Internet Has Changed Our World

Internet and social media have only grown bigger in the past ten years. While not many people knew about them a couple of years back, nowadays everybody is an active user of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram extra. Truly social media and the Internet have greatly transformed our lives.

Why Are Social Media and Internet so Important?

They are continuously shaping our personal and professional lives. Everything ranging from important business decisions to regular government operations now depends upon them. When I had a Spectrum TV and Internet Outage in my area, it became very difficult for me to perform my regular business tasks as most of my business operations were Internet-dependent. Thankfully, I was able to find an Internet hotspot near me. It enabled me to perform my daily business tasks until the issue was resolved. So, Internet access is crucial for the smooth running of nearly every industry.

Two sides of the debate

There are two arguments related to the Internet and social media. One says that they have made the world a smaller place because of globalization and free trade. The other one says that they have made the world a bigger place because a lot of people and companies who may not know each other otherwise interact with each other. 

How Are They Making the World Bigger

The Internet and social media have the power to greatly facilitate our lives. Here’s how they are making the world bigger than ever.

Unlimited Information

Nowadays, it seems like there is no mystery left in the world. Internet and social media are continuously bombarding us with heaps of information. Whether you have to know about the latest fashion trends or get updates on the Coronavirus outbreak, you can find it all on social media and the Internet. Students don’t need to purchase books and journals anymore. They can easily access online resources for this purpose. You can go as far as successfully managing a startup just by relying on the information on the Internet.

Smooth Communication

Social media has greatly facilitated our communication with friends and family. Now you only have to get connected to the Internet and you can message or call your favorite person anytime and anywhere. There are plenty of texting apps for you to choose like Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat extra. They enable people to stay connected in any region of the world.

No Physical boundaries

With the help of famous apps like Skype and WhatsApp extra, you can easily video call with your loved ones. In this way, you can participate in a group discussion and attend a wedding ceremony or a meeting without being physically present at a location. Amid the Coronavirus crisis, schools and universities are also pursuing this option to deliver online lectures.

Exceptional Access to News

Now you can know about the latest trends and incidents by staying connected to the Internet. Social media sites like Twitter are also great sources of knowledge about the latest happenings in the world. More and more people are ditching cable services and relying on the Internet for the latest news. This is because it is probably the fastest means to do so.

Convenience in Business

The Internet is transforming the way in which business operations are managed. It provides access to thousands of B2B platforms where different companies manage transactions. Besides that, it is facilitating the business industry in the following ways:

Work From Home

Nowadays, startups are offering employees more flexibility by encouraging them to work from home. Employees just need to have Internet access and need to know how to monitor online activity. The operations can be managed through various apps and online platforms.


People are preferring online shopping over traditional shopping. This is because the brand websites offer more variety of products than the retail stores. Also, customers don’t have to take out time and go to a marketplace to shop for their favorite products.


Internet is providing huge opportunities to businesses through websites and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Businesses can simply create their accounts on social media sites and give a link to their websites to witness an unprecedented boost in their sales.  

Job Creation

Internet is also enabling its users to find jobs on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Companies simply have to create an ad for a job and the users can contact the company through these platforms. It reduces costs and helps the businesses to find ideal candidates easily.

Free Expression of Views and Talent

Social Media and the Internet are truly the drivers of change in the world. The users can express their views related to a socio-economic trend and convince governments to take action. Also, they are becoming a powerful means to express one’s talent. A video or a picture can get viral within seconds and can turn a person into an overnight celebrity.

There are so many benefits of social media and the Internet. We cannot imagine life without them. And this is why we must also think of online safety. Since I have young teenagers, my main reason for choosing to go for Spectrum Internet plan was their security suite – and of course, the data usage, and affordable price! It is crucial to choose an Internet service that allows the users to make the most of it while keeping them safe.