Reason to Choose Dell Laptop Under Mid Range

Dell has become the most popular laptop manufacturer around the globe for many reasons. Features like thin body, powerful performance, excellent configuration, and many other advanced features enhance Dell’s credibility. But these reasons might not sound enough to attract you towards the mid-range laptop segment. 

So, some researches have been done about laptop under 30000 offered by Dell. The reports clearly show that Dell laptops are the most functional ones for the professionals who need a durable machine for multitasking. Let’s take a quick look at five key reasons that can make you buy a dell laptop over the other ones. 

1. Excellent Configuration

People think that a processor is everything, but there is more than that. Having the same Intel Core i3 with different configurations can make a vast difference. There is cooling technology, power supply, RAM, storage type, and more. 

Dell’s manufacturing team uses the most compatible hardware to bring the best performance to life. The use of an energy-efficient 10th generation Intel or AMD processor with compatible parts enhances the laptop’s performance. 

2. Keyboard 

For an Indian consumer, Dell has been the most credible brand in past decades. Most people love the keyboard. But why? Well, there are two reasons. Dell offers adequate key travel, which makes typing easy. 

On the other hand, clicking feedback is important for people who want to write long articles, essays, journals, etc. The best part is, Dell offers a number pad in most of their laptops, which are helpful in many ways. 

3. Flawless Cooling System

How can one say that Dell has the most reliable cooling system? Well, you can check out several cases regarding heating issues of Dell laptop. You will not be able to find any. The reason is, Dell engineers are using large chassis to increase the airflow. 

The implementation of premium cooling gel on the CPU along with other cooling methods provides improved performance. You might know that heating is not suitable for the battery and processor. By reducing heat, Dell is offering better power. 

4. Less Noisy Fans 

From Dell’s Inspiron series to the G series, most laptops have a reliable cooling system that reduces the use of the fan. When you are doing video editing or AAA gaming, you will require a lot of power, and fans will run at full blast. But they don’t cause significant noise. 

Comparing Dell to famous laptop manufacturers like Apple, HP, Asus, Acer, etc., you can notice that fan noise is a major issue. Especially the Apple’s MacBook Pro i9 laptops had the worst heating and fan noise issue. 

5. The I/O Ports

It does not matter that if you are a student or a video maker, having essential I/O ports is necessary. Dell offers USB Type-C, USB Type-A, SD card reader, HDMI connector, and LAN port to enhance your experience. You don’t have to worry about buying adapters. 

If you are going with the mid-range segment, you might miss the DVD reader/writer. But the mid-range segment rarely includes a DVD reader or writer. So, there are minor issues with the I/O, whereas other laptop manufacturers are removing most I/O ports. 

6. Upgradability of Storage and RAM

Being able to upgrade your laptop’s RAM or storage eliminates the need to buy a new laptop. Most Dell laptops offer the functionality to upgrade storage, adding new SSD, and more. 

Increasing RAM or storage is easy, and you can do it by following the right instruction. There are many videos online which will assist in this job. Other manufacturers are getting rid of easier accessibility to the motherboard so that buyers cannot upgrade. 

7. After-Sale Services

The laptop is an electronic device, and having issues after excessive use is common. The same goes for the Dell laptops. Dell offers superior after-sale services. If you have any problem with your laptop, contacting customer care is enough to resolve your issue. 

Dell offers speedy services so that your workflow doesn’t get affected. Even if you have a laptop under 30000 or an expensive one, Dell’s quality of service is top-notch in India. The best part is, Dell offers prolonged warranty schemes to increase the warranty period from one year to three years. 

The Final Verdict

Based on the key qualities that you can find in most of Dell’s laptops, it is easy to claim that Dell is a famous laptop brand. When you are going to buy a laptop under 30000, you have an impressive variety, and Dell offers a laptop for every need. 

You can buy laptops for personal use with ease, and if you want a powerful device, then Dell Inspiron 13 5301 is an excellent choice. This laptop is inexpensive, but it brings real computing power to run office tools, AAA games, and advanced media experience. 

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