Make The Most Of Your Audit Time And Merge Your Checklists

An audit lifecycle includes planning, scheduling, conducting, taking notes, and reporting the audit. However, as once famously said by Yogi Berra, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practical. In practice, there is.” The practical approach to conducting audits is quite different compared to the ‘theory’ or the ‘plan’ laid out on a piece of paper. So many times there are unforeseen delays or obstructions that keep auditors from strictly following their audit timeline.

Moreover, audits are only one part of the business, and need to be an efficient use of time and resources. Even when the bulk of the audit time is over, there is still the need to produce a report and in a timely manner.

Apart from all these hurdles, one of the most frustrating areas for an auditor is to overcome the when multiple checklists have repetitive questions that need completing, or when so many audit questions are ‘not applicable’. When the auditor tries to complete these manual or paper-based checklists, it can waste a considerable amount of valuable time and invites errors.

Automation to the rescue!

One way to overcome cumbersome checklist management processes is to make better use of automation. A well-designed audit management system supports efficient management of audit checklists and supporting the auditing process. The first step towards this is the use of an extensive checklist library that containing a range of smart checklists needing just a few clicks to be completed.

Secondly, audit management systems such as Mobiom merge multiple checklists, often with the same questions into one consolidated checklist , removing duplication and bringing focus and efficiency back to the audit. The auditor only needs to complete the required data once and not spend hours cutting and pasting, or filling in paper-based checklists or spreadsheets.

Mobiom’s cloud-based data access with offline compatibility is one such tool that allows auditors to complete checklists. Even when auditing at remote locations without proper network coverage. Mobiom allows compliance audit checklist to be completed offline and synced with the database when back in network range.

Audit management software should be easy to use and not depend on the hardware platform used to access them. For example, with Mobiom compliance management system, auditors can access and complete checklists using tablet devices that run on either Android or iOS platforms. Merged checklists in Mobiom can be split into separate reports at the conclusion of the audit.

When completing online audit checklists, audit progress and results can be viewed in real-time and can be directly linked to non conformance reports to generate corrective action tracking. Reducing auditing time and effort can allow more audits or deeper audits to be conducted, thereby reducing compliance risks, or the resource cost can be redeployed elsewhere in the organisation.


Conduct audits easily and efficiently with automated checklists that can be merged to reduce auditing time and to avoid redundant questions. Use Mobiom to help you simplify compliance audit management for your business and enable auditors to spend more time on other essential tasks. Call us for a free demo today!