How To Help With Climate Change by Going Solar

According to NASA observations, the Earth is warming at ten times the rate it did after the Ice Age. Current carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are 250 times greater than they were during that phase. 

Global warming is a doom and gloom scenario for sure, culminating in extinction for us all, but fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Since the burning of fossil fuels is the major source of carbon emissions, switching to clean, renewable energy is the best way to turn things around.  

Here’s how your solar panel installation can help with climate change. 

Solar Power Limits Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

A study by the UN suggests that humanity will need another two planets like Earth to service its energy needs by 2050. That’s because the planet has finite resources.

Coal and oil came about as the result of decaying plants and animals that died billions of years ago. We can’t repeat this process.

That means we’ll run out of these fossil fuels eventually, although there’s a high likelihood global warming will kill us first. 

Solar Energy Reduces Pollution

Traditional coal and oil mining processes create vast amounts of pollution. That’s because power producers must burn these resources to release the energy contained within. 

This means huge volumes of noxious gases make their way into the air. These remain trapped within the earth’s atmosphere, which can only release limited amounts of carbon into outer space.

This trapped hot air wreaks havoc with weather systems, causing droughts and other extreme weather patterns associated with climate change.

Mining also disrupts sensitive environments, displaces wildlife, and destroys the trees that help remove carbon from the air.

Solar Power cuts Down on Carbon Emissions

Apart from the act of incinerating these substances to release the energy inside them, the gas-guzzling machinery involved in mining also creates tons of carbon emissions every day.

The solar panel manufacturing process creates carbon emissions, too, but that’s a one-time event per panel. It’s easily offset by the gains achieved later on. 

Once your solar panels are in place, they release no carbon into the atmosphere and can do their job for up to two decades with barely any maintenance. 

Every Bit Can Help With Climate Change

You might think that one home won’t make much of a difference when it comes to carbon emissions, but that’s not true. Every solar panel installation counts. 

According to, their installations alone have saved over 3,134 million pounds of coal. That’s just one solar company.

The average American home indirectly uses around 4,750 pounds of coal per year for its electricity needsImagine what we can achieve if we all go green and harness the power of solar.

Other Reasons to Install Solar

When you do your bit to help with climate change by installing solar, you also help yourself to a lifetime of financial perks. You can offset your solar panel cost with solar tax credits, decreased or zero electricity bills, and property tax savings.

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