How to choose the best 4K TV for your bedroom?

Selecting a television for any room can be challenging, especially considering the sheer variety of options are available in the market. In terms of screen size alone, individuals can choose from a 32 and 40-inch LED TV, up to Samsung’s 292-inch 8K Wall TV.

Therefore, buying a new unit should be a well-thought-out process so that individuals can make an informed decision. Thus, mentioned below is a list of factors one should consider before selecting a TV for the bedroom.

Choosing the best 4K TV for a bedroom

Late-night binge-watching favorite TV shows and movies is a favorite activity for many. Hence, selecting a bedroom TV is a critical task as one should only buy a unit that best matches requirements such as room size and audio capacity.

While price plays a significant role in the final selection, there are several other factors to consider as well.

  1. Screen size

    When it comes to 4K wall-mountable units, it is usually the bigger, the better. However, what screen size one should consider depends on the distance between the viewer and TV.

    One should refer to screen size guides before deciding what TV screen size to buy for his/her bedroom. E.g. For a 40 inch LED TV, recommended viewing distance is 40 inches for 4K units and 80 inches for 1080p variants.

  2. LED vs OLED

    Unlike plasma and LCD panels, new-generation LED, and OLED panels offer much better picture quality than older units. OLED and QLED panels provide the best viewing experience of all variants available in the market and often carry a hefty price tag to match.

    OLED panels offer a better contrast ratio and are generally better suited for a bedroom than backlit LED panels. However, a 4K LED TV will provide crisper image quality and an overall spectacular media consumption experience at a cheaper cost than OLED units.

  3. Resolution

    While not much 4K content is available for users yet, a smart decision will be future-proofing the purchase by opting for 4K TV instead of HD or 1080p variants. Some manufacturers include an upscaling mechanism to upgrade 1080p to 4k content by adding pixel density.

    Even if buyers opt for 1080p variants due to budget constraints, they should make sure that their TV is HDR compatible. HDR compatible units offer better true-to-life color reproduction which results in stunning picture quality.

  4. Smart TV features

    The popularity of Smart TVs in the Indian television market is definitely on the rise, majorly due to affordable OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    Apart from wireless media streaming, Smart TVs offer various features that enrich the user experience multi-fold. These include web browsing, social media, and download third-party apps and games. You can Shop a Wide Variety of latest electronic gadgets, home appliances, and lifestyle products at the EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv.

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    With reliable finance options, users can purchase a premium smart 40-inch LED TV with the best features available in the market. Hence, individuals should keep their requirements in mind before selecting any model.