How To Bulk Delete Posts, Reels & Comments On Your Instagram Account? Read To Know

Instagram has released a new feature that will allow users to bulk delete their posts, reels and comments on them. Keep reading to know more about how to use.

In a recent update, Instagram is making it easier for users to remove posts, reels, and other activities from their profiles. The platform is doing this by releasing new features that will allow users to bulk delete or remove their social media posts, the comments on the posts and other activities related to them. Keep reading to know more about the feature and how it will help users to delete all their posts on Instagram or all their reels.

The Instagram Your Activity log is going to be updated in the coming days for users. It will provide users with more comprehensive controls over their profile and the content they post on the platform. Instagram says that the goal behind releasing this feature is to make it easier for users to revisit the past and delete unwanted interactions. Previously, the only way to delete posts, comments or reels from the platform in bulk was doing it manually for each and every post, comment and reel. However, it would take much more time to do the task manually, than it will take now.

How to delete all posts on Instagram?

While the process to delete all posts on Instagram is not clear yet as the update is not available to check, the official Instagram Comms account on Twitter suggests that the ‘Your Activity’ section of a user’s profile will be upgraded. It will allow users to manage their Instagram activity in one place. Additionally, users will be able to bulk delete or archive their posts from the platform, including the interactions of the post including comments, likes, story sticker reactions and more.

bulk manage, i.e. delete or archive their Instagram reels. Additionally, the likes, comments, story sticker reactions and other details about the reels can also be deleted. The feature will save time for users who wish to revamp their Instagram profiles.