How Important Is It To Have Mobile Insurance In This Modern Era?

In today’s era pf a digital India the most important of the tasks for any individual or organization are done with the help of a mobile phone. With the pandemic hitting the country the role of a mobile phone has become even more critical. Be it a school kid or a CEO everyone needs a good mobile phone with multiple features which means costly phones and any damage to these can be financially draining. 

To save your money spent on the repair of your damaged phone, you can opt for a mobile insurance cover that offers coverage above the normal warranty that a mobile manufacturer offers. Any mobile manufacturer generally offers 1 year warranty that cover for only for manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions. On the other hand, an insurance cover provides protection against accidental damage, harm caused by misuse, theft, damage caused by phone modifications or third-party inclusion. Also, unlike earlier, today you can buy mobile theft insurance online in India. Phone insurance in India is easy to procure and has numerous benefits for the long run. 

One of India’s known mobile insurance provider- Bajaj Finserv offers several different types of mobile insurance plans including Mobile Screen Insurance that covers for screen damage and lot more. In these mobile phone insurance plans the insuring company pays for repair and replacement cost of your damaged mobile phone. Mobile phone replacement is a hassle-free process wherein you do not need to run from one store to other to get your phone repaired. Keeping all the various benefits that Bajaj Finserv Phone Insurance Cover comes with, it is always a good idea to have one in place at the time of buying your new phone.

It is a big misconception that mobile insurance in India is cumbersome and that it offers limited benefits. It was in the earlier times that people did not feel the need for a mobile protection plan but with the rise in demand and prices of smartphones, it has now become a need that must not be neglected. The benefits of the same are listed below, and you can see for yourself that the chances of you saving your money can grow manifolds with a simple insurance cover in place. You can choose plan according to your mobile brands like you can purchase samsung mobile insurance, iPhone mobile insurance, and more. 

Damages/Risks covered under mobile insurance cover

  • Any internal damage caused to the phone because of water 
  • Any damage done to the interior or posterior part of the mobile phone
  • Any device failure resulting in damage to the charging port, earphone jack or screen touch
  • Screen damage or crack
  • Theft of mobile phone due to burglary
  • Damage to the mobile phone caused due to fire, riot, terrorist attack or fire. Certain insurance cover also includes malicious intent. 
  • Phone stolen from a fully enclosed locked vehicle like a car or secured building.

Mobile Screen Insurance Cover 

  • Covers for the harm caused to your screen
  • Coverage in cash for accidental screen damage
  • CPP FONESAFE LITE by Bajaj Finserv offers complimentary mobile screen Protection

What is not covered under mobile insurance cover

  • Routine wear and tear caused to the insured device
  • Any instance of mysterious missing of the mobile phone
  • Phone stolen from a non-secure or unattended venue, building or vehicle
  • Any form of mechanical or electronic breakdown
  • Any experimentation conducted on the insured device in abnormal conditions
  • Intended damage caused to the mobile phone by the policy holder 

Now that you must have a clear understanding on the wide range of benefits that a mobile insurance cover offers, it is best to buy one while your purchase your new phone. You must also know that a mobile insurance cover must be bought along with the purchase of the new phone as it cannot be procured later than that. At very affordable premiums you can have a cover for any damage caused to one’s phone which safeguards not just money but also relieves you from a lot of unnecessary stress