Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website- Benefits Of Doing It

Showing your Instagram feed on your website provides a simple way for users to connect with you on all sites. And the effect is an improvement in visibility and conversions. But it’s not that easy to find out how to access your Instagram feed on your blog.

WordPress is one of the leading outlets for creating websites today. This can be seen as it accounts for 26% of the overall websites currently online.

It’s a smart idea to get the organization online to help it thrive. But not only getting a website is appropriate. It is crucial that you are engaged in your website, contain meaningful and interesting content that keeps visitors alive, and allows final buying decisions.

Instagram will help add attractiveness to your website. As a result, more users are motivated and trust is created.

Why does Embed Instagram feed in WordPress?

Adding a feed to your website on Instagram has a host of advantages. It gives website users not only an opportunity to see the newest updates from Instagram, but also new material to be consumed there.

  • To maximize product sales, you can display an Instagram feed for consumer product feedback.
  • Adding a hashtag feed to the website will keep guests interested so that they linger longer.
  • Visitors can find related material from these writers on their website by viewing a feed from your author’s content.
  • You could also show your team’s filtered Instagram feed to inspire guests to try.

Make your team’s best work available to your followers with a filtered Instagram feed on the WordPress website, so that more company is earned.

How to use embedded Instagram feed tools

Step 1: Install and Activate Instagram Feed Pro

Step 2: Connect Your Instagram Account

Step 3: Customize Your Instagram Feed Settings

Step 4: Display Your Instagram Feed

Tools for Embed Instagram Feed on your WordPress Website

There is no question that Instagram have accounts for more than one billion active users, including half daily.

With so many consumers, it provides advertisers a big chance to achieve more conversion, publicity, customer participation, and confidence. Many times, though, they find it tough to get such a large crowd to their website.

Thus, you will get the complete place mostly on WordPress official website to embed an Instagram feed. This helps you to combine the strength and opportunities of social networks in your company.

These are just a couple of the primary strategies to embed Instagram feed here on the official site of WordPress.

  • Taggbox Widget
  • Instagram Official Embed
  • Smash Balloon
  • Photoslurp
  • Snapwidget


The incorporation of Instagram on the website of WordPress may be a business move that will lead significantly to the promotion of marketing. As a result, the online company will expand efficiently.

Each of the above tools has its own special characteristics. You must determine which tool is suitable for your needs and use it as part of the promotional strategies.