Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

You should be aware of the interactive behavior of your rivals in this period of global competition, and what they do to their SEOs. You will determine your digital strategy and shift, whether you have a good picture of your content, search rating, keyword emphasis, and social buzz.

Here, we concentrated on the best SEO instruments that can be used for online tracking of your SEO activities. Make sure these tools are in hand to make a difference in this digital war.


SpyFu’s strength lies in PPC competitor research. It tells you everything that your competitor did while running ads: from their keywords to ads history to negative keywords to ad split tests, and beyond.

This is a useful tool when researching a specialized topic. SpyFlu also provides metrics such as average search volume per keyword, historical usage of keywords for PPC, number of clicks, cost per click, etc.

OnPage Champ

OnPage Champ delivers big SEO features in less than 30 seconds to competitors on the page. It has functionalities such as SEO management, website tracking and rating, ranking monitoring, and A/B evaluation.

Both these features allow you to consider the role of your rivals and areas to strengthen you. For many consumers as well as rivals, tracking SEO insights is very easy to use.

Apps such as SERP Audit and Track URL available in OnPage Champ help to save time when performing website analyses and gaining realistic insights.


SimilarWeb is a platform to help you comprehend the traffic functionality of a single website.

You could use this platform to discover how many unusual guests are arriving at competitors’ locations, how they fly, and many other criteria on an organic front.

In order to carry out comparative benchmarking, many rival firms can be measured at a time for different features.

These observations will be used to assess the content strategy—either organically reachable or paying searchable.

You can indeed access new traffic streams that you neglect and verify your marketing platforms’ efficacy.


A minority is a proportion of advertisers with a recorded content plan.

To discover secret opportunities to feed your content you must conduct competitor analyses.

To accomplish this role, SEMRush is a valuable method. It offers features such as keyword research, site audit, and above all, backlink analysis.

You should run an activity base that is linked to your contest.

You can search the competitors for low-problem keywords through the SEMRush Domain Review.


Ahrefs offers functions such as backlink testing and the quest for links as an alternative to SEMRush. Other features such as keyword research, keyword monitoring, organic visibility analysis, and more are also available.

Backlink analysis will help you discover broken backlinks that point to your competitors and then perform the exercise to link material.

Keyword testing assists rivals in the study of organic keywords and emerging keywords.

Resources such as Content Gap in Ahrefs can be utilized to recognize keywords that are not ranked by the competitors. This enables new keywords, new players to be identified and your content to be visible.