Behind The Eliteness Of Anyone Is Hard Days To Self-Discipline

People who hold big heads in their hearts, in the past, are often very self-disciplined. People who know self-discipline, both scary and respectable. If you are a companion, you will learn self-discipline from them. If you are an opponent, you must be mentally prepared.

Previously, it was always thought that the way of life was short, to enjoy it in time. Today there is a saying “wine today, today drunk, people do not save money to waste youth”. Until later, gradually discovering that each non-self-discipline behavior will bring you greater suffering. Don’t be slaves of lust, because self-discipline can help us live on the higher levels.

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Why man must self-discipline

Many times we only see superiority on the surface of others, often neglecting their effort to the point of tormenting themselves. A self-disciplined person to the bone marrow, seemingly insignificant on the surface. While others are out for fun, alone at the reading spot. When others enjoyed the delicious food, in the gym it was sweaty to sweat. On weekends, a lot of people are lazy to sleep until noon, he still wakes up early, runs, reads books, works, …

Such a person not only looks insignificant, even feels inclined to make himself miserable, lives without comfort and freedom. But the truth is that people who know self-discipline are much freer than those who don’t.

If you are engrossed as you desire, when you have to pay attention, you will be worried about playing, not knowing how to make your own effort. Other people playing you also playing, others making effort you are still playing, still freeing yourself as before. Thus, a person who is not disciplined like you now looks free, but you will find that the more you live there is no freedom, no capacity to choose.

Someone once said: “The so-called freedom is not arbitrary desire, but self-control.” The more self-disciplined, the more speech weight, the more body and the way of life. One day, two days may not be visible, one month, two months may not yet see, but one year, two years. Even ten years, twenty years, the self-disciplined and the non-self-disciplined person, end up going on different paths.

Giving and receiving back is proportional when the amount of change is enough before it is possible to change the quality. This is the reason why a person must self-discipline, by the side of his dream, is simply because his future can be really a little free, body and life path are free. a little.

Right! The more self-disciplined people understand what they really want, so they can’t waste time and energy meaninglessly on things. But actually make use of every inch of time. to help you grow.

The more self-discipline, the more elite

A lot of people say to be self-disciplined, but the person who can persevere and self-discipline is very little. Like climbing a dangerous high mountain, the closer to the top of the mountain, the more people can persevere. forward less. Good perseverance is a kind of self-discipline.

Japanese author Haruki Murakami began writing at the age of 30, has been writing for 40 years now, producing a large number of high-value classics. Haruki Murakami has a habit of writing, he only writes 4000 words a day, a page of 400 words, every day he writes 10 pages, he stops. In addition, every day he could spend an hour out jogging, persistent like that, is a kind of high self-discipline, to have enough strength to continue to create excellent works.

The self-discipline of the trader is even more frightening. Ly Gia Thanh can be so successful, still persevering in the same habit as before, every day after dinner, watch English TV, not only watching but also speaking loudly, afraid of being left behind. Every day before going to bed, he persistently spending a while reading.

The self-disciplined successful traders like Ly Gia Thanh are many. Bill Gates has been persistent for decades to look at at least two books a week. In many cases, it is not elite to self-discipline, but you are self-disciplined, then you can become elite. Thus, those self-disciplined people, even heavenly heaven, could not afford to abandon them.

The person who can really look away, climb to the top, is always someone who is not vague, persistent but moving forward. May we become truly self-disciplined, achieving the life we ​​want. There is no close road to life, but every step you take is meaningful. The more you try, the more effort, the more self-disciplined, the more excellence.