Animation Sharks – Turning Your Imagination into Animation

Have a great idea for a video that you want to produce but think that you do not have the tools or know-how to put it together? Animation production requires a set of dedicated tech expertise and specialized software. You will need the necessary technology and skilled professionals who can produce animation in commercial volumes. Seeking the help of an animation studio for producing all kinds of animated media is the simplest solution to this.
Animation Sharks is one of the leading animation firms in the US that designs animated content for its valuable clients. We perform work associated with animated characters and animated web graphics creation. Other areas of our expertise include:

Whiteboard Animation
Motion Graphics
2D Explainer Videos
Logo Animation
White Animation

We produce whiteboard animation using a cutting-edge range of software and a potential technique to deliver the promising results you expect. Our whiteboard animations make messages easier to understand and retain. And yes, that includes your marketing message as well. We produce a high educational potential, which makes our animation ideal to get compound concepts across to your audience. Some of our topmost tips for creating attractive animation content are under:
Generating Script Before Starting
The foremost step in the creation of any animated content is writing a script. The script is the backbone of any video and it will make all the subsequent steps (storyboard, illustration, animation, etc.) much easier. The script must have a strong structure (a beginning, a middle, and an end) and the information should be dispersed in a strategic method.
Then Comes the Storyboard
Just as we are done with your script, it is time to start generating your storyboard. Its shows all the necessary scenes of your video so that the process gets simpler for illustrators, animators, voice-over artists (and basically everyone else involved in the project).
Remember the Three Hallmarks of a Whiteboard Video
A whiteboard video consists of three main elements: the whiteboard, a continuous drawing, and the drawing hand.
Include Elements that Boost Brand Awareness
We create your whiteboard animation with some fun elements to boost your brand awareness. We use the visual elements that make your brand recognizable – your brand colors, logo, and even sounds!
Motion Graphics
Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story. Together with music and effective copy, they are to give the audience a message. We use them to create ads, title sequences for movies, and explainer videos. We use Motion Graphics in multiple actions.
Television title sequence
Creating awareness
Explaining a concept
Telling a story
Share a product video
Motion graphics are fantastic for getting your point across in an explainer video. It is a great, affordable way to make a video.
2D Explainer Video
We team consists of highly professional and experienced animators from across the globe. We are a premier explainer video company that facilitates its clients with a vast range of animated video services that assists us in achieving 100% customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations. Our videos are extremely comprehensive and easy to grasp. We endeavor to meet your incredible needs.
Typography is the art and method of organizing your message into a meaningful and written, legible language. We illustrate and craft your brand’s vision into a masterpiece that’s eye-catching and beautiful. In other words, attracting more audience with fewer efforts. It does not require image optimization to support your message. It typically adds magic to your words and insight into your message.
Logo Animation
We are recognized for creating amazing logos for your brand. Our team focuses on the detailing and selection of attractive colors. For we know that your logo represents the reputation of your brand.
We have a team of remarkable script-writers, designers and animators waiting to mold your message into a video that helps us in attaining your contentment.