Android Magazine Apps: Android is the ideal platform!

Businesses and publishing houses are required to go mobile if they really want to unlock their full potential. Today, more and more people are becoming dependent on their mobile phones and tablets to do their day to day work. As a publisher or business owner you need to grab this market to generate the maximum revenue. Today, Android magazine apps are becoming popular. And you need to mull over this technology to get more dollars for your business. Let’s discuss more about Android and Android magazine apps.

Frankly speaking, a mobile application is a cherry on the ice cream for the UX, when calls & text messages are the chief functions of a smartphone. However, an app could turn out the chief preference for an individual, if it is appealing enough. A mobile application could make brand loyalty & assist you from getting behind in the cutthroat market. To the matter of fact, the users wish their fav. brands & publishing houses to make their own mobile apps for a unique user experience.

The green colored robot is popular for its productive features, affordability, and smartphone fragmentation. Not like Apple, Android has a comprehensive array of devices that creates it the top priority in app development. Take a pause! This is not the mere reason to pick Android. There are more benefits in making an Android app.

Android leads the smartphone industry

As per a survey, the Android OS has captured the world smartphone market. In the present time, the top 3 countries which use smartphones are USA, China, and India. These countries have a dominant share of Android.

Android is the only OS that could provide great quality features at a cost effective for a comprehensive array of smartphones and tablets. In simple words, any common consumer could purchase an Android smartphone within his desired budget. Owing to the market segmentation & inexpensiveness, Android still continues to lead the smartphone industry share.

You can amazingly tailor Android

Do you get bored of the same old widgets? Do not worry! Download a widget from a 3rd party app and swap it with your stored one. Are you tired of the same layout? You could download & change it as well. Android facilitates you to tailor your app the manner you prefer it – that’s the first reason why programmers like developing applications over Android as compared to any other platforms.

Android offers the ideal platform

In the fastest developing app market, the capability to adapt fast does matter loads. Android’s Google Play Store facilitates you to update the app in a few minutes, in reply to the user’s feedback when the Apple’s App Store follows the same long procedure to submit your app. You could submit the same app for manifold times over the Play Store whilst you would require to the minimum a week to introduce your up-to-date app on the App Store.

In addition to the multiple uploads, it also provides Alpha & Beta releases that could be made available to a group of members to test your application. Based on the pointers from the testers, you could fix the errors and include a few features prior it gets to the real users. Therefore, Android offers the best platform to test your application.

Keeping the numerous benefits of Android in mind, businesses and publishing houses are embracing the Android operating platform to launch Android magazine apps. You can look for a vendor on the internet who can help you create these apps. Or you can ask your acquaintances for this who have a similar experience. Do remember to carefully assess the vendor’s portfolio.