5 Reasons Why Healthcare Finance is Important for Doctors

Top doctors in India need to have the latest medical equipment to help increase their medical practice and provide the best service to their patients. However, buying the latest medical equipment is a big-ticket expense. It is where availing of healthcare finance is needed by doctors to make way for modern-day equipment. 

If you are eligible, you can apply for the healthcare finance and medical equipment loan. Read on and know the reasons why healthcare finance and medical equipment loans are vital for healthcare finance professionals!

  1. Loans up to Rs.150 lakh 

Based on your financial profile and eligibility norms, you can get an amount between Rs.3 lakh and Rs.150 lakh. If you are looking to purchase equipment, you can get an amount as per your financial profile. From buying new or used diagnostic implements and machines, leading lenders can provide you with the funds for all. 

2. Affordable financing for medical equipment purchasing 

With healthcare finance in action, it is possible to fund the cost of quality and expensive medical gadgets like CT scanners, ECGs, MRIs and more. The rate of interest on the medical equipment loan is on the lower side if you are eligible. 

3. Repay the healthcare finance over a longer tenor 

Once you apply for the healthcare finance, you don’t have to worry about making higher EMI payments. It is possible to enjoy a longer repayment tenor of up to 84 months and spread your loan in comfortable EMIs that suit your monthly budget. 

4. Minimal documentation 

Medical professionals can easily qualify for the medical equipment loan after meeting the lender’s criteria and documents. The exact loan eligibility and documents of a lender are mentioned on the online platform. One can check it online and be on your way to proving your eligibility and preparing the documents. 

5. Loan account management made possible online

Once you apply for the healthcare finance in India with a reputed lender, you don’t have to worry about visiting your lender physically. You can know about all loan details online via the customer’s portal. From the outstanding loan amount to EMIs paid to EMIs due and more, you can do it all on your lender’s website for free. You can also raise a complaint about anything related to your healthcare finance debt. It is also possible to track the status of your complaints right on the customer portal of the lender. 

How to apply for the healthcare finance online?

  1. Browse the lender’s website you wish to apply for the healthcare finance and open the online application form. 
  2. You will be needed to enter a few details in the form. 
  3. Once you submit the form, a lenders’ agent will contact you to know an amount you can get. 
  4. After you submit the document, your sanctioned loan amount will be credited into your bank account. 

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