5 Challenges Marketers Encounter On Instagram

Are you trying to create an effective Instagram marketing strategy?  If yes, you’ve probably encountered some problems that you want to resolve. Before digging deeper into the possible solutions, it’s crucial to understand the root cause of the said issues to find excellent ways to fix them.

Instagram is a great avenue for brand marketing. Brands post relevant visual content to boost reach, follower base, and business traffic. However, marketers face some challenges, from content creation and post scheduling to budgeting and other technicalities. Read on below to find out more.

  1. Not Able To Access Instagram Profiles

Marketers can’t access certain Instagram profiles unless they register on the popular social media platform. This problem can limit a marketer’s ability to gain insights about great Instagram posts that can deliver more views, followings, clicks, and traffic. It’s good to know that private Instagram viewers are now available to resolve this problem.

You can learn more about the best private Instagram viewers at EarthWeb and other similar online resources.

  1. Creating Captivating Captions To Attract The Right Audience

Attracting the right audience on Instagram is easier said than done for many marketers. The competition is tough because many brands use Instagram to promote their products and services.

Marketers also find it challenging to create captivating captions for posts. Social media users can read many generic captions; however, the problem with such captions is that they appear too advertorial, or users don’t find interest in them anymore.

When creating captions, marketers must be able to clearly define the brand’s voice. The captions must be compatible with the brand’s target audience. Therefore, marketers should be familiar with their target viewers’ demographics, preferences, and other interests, and this is when Instagram viewers play an important role.

Instagram viewers enable marketers to access profiles on Instagram anonymously. Marketers must choose a secure Instagram viewer tool to avoid data privacy issues. You can visit sites such as  Quantum Marketer to know the most effective ways to view private Instagram profiles.

  1. Type And Number Of Hashtags

Marketers, especially newbies, find creating hashtags challenging. A hashtag refers to a social media identifier that consists of metadata or a descriptive phrase with a hashtag sign before it.

Seasoned Instagram users and marketers understand the importance of hashtags to increase the discoverability of posts. However, hashtags are challenging to crack. Many marketers don’t know the words, niche, and a number of hashtags they need to create highly discoverable posts.

Experienced social media marketers choose niche hashtags to capture the followers of dedicated communities with a solid follower base. A recent report shows that the hashtags with the highest engagement rates target specific communities and interests, such as TV shows, geographic locations, and celebrities.

Marketers can boost a post’s reach and discoverability by using more hashtags. While marketers can use as many hashtags as they want without harming post metrics, they must ensure only using relevant hashtags. By doing so, they can reach the right audience to make the most of their Instagram marketing efforts.

  1. Spending Too Much On Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencers are content creators and personalities on social media with many followers. Marketers reach out to these personalities to drive viewership and follower base. However, brands need to set an enormous amount of budget to work with influencers if they want the highest engagement rates.

There’s an alternative to enable marketers to work with Instagram influencers within a reasonable budget. Marketers can deal with mircoinfluencers or influencers with fewer but highly-engaged followers. That way, marketers can attain their influencer marketing goals without spending much money.

  1. Post Scheduling Problems

Marketers often face issues choosing the perfect time to publish their Instagram content to gain higher engagement rates.

According to experts, the best time to publish Instagram posts is 6 PM to 9 PM. Generally, the safest hours are nighttime. On the other hand, marketers should avoid posting during the morning because these hours have the lowest engagement rates.

While studies show relevant data on posting times and engagement rates, it’s still crucial to consider the audience’s geographical locations, behaviors, and other parameters. For instance, if the brand promotes products or services for senior citizens, publishing posts during the daytime can be the best tactic because older people are free to view Instagram posts the whole day.


Marketers face a number of challenges on Instagram, but there are specific and practical solutions to address them. Marketers can leverage technology to implement Instagram marketing campaigns successfully. Of course, taking due diligence to monitor progress, try various strategies, and continue learning can help marketers optimize their performance to help the brands they represent boost their reach and engagement.