5 advantages of Whiteboard Animation or Whiteboard Videos

Who has never seen small crowds admired around street artists who draw or paint live? This is the effect that the Whiteboard Animation technique can achieve with your audience.

After watching any whiteboard video, it is easy to see how the format has a unique way of capturing the attention of an audience in a very didactic and visually interesting way.

In addition, the format is still somewhat innovative in the Video Marketing universe, which means an opportunity to get out of the crowd and present material different from the others. It still has high levels of ROI and great potential for viralization.

Yes, today we are going to talk about Whiteboard Animation, or Whiteboard Videos, so follow up until the end and discover all the advantages for you and your company! Check out!

Whiteboard Animation videos get attention

As stated above, the focus of this type of content is on the images being drawn, an excellent way to keep the audience’s attention.

The technique, in a way, also resembles a classroom, that is, it naturally has a “didactic” face.

Despite this appeal, Animations on the Whiteboard can talk about basically anything and on top of it with modern airs, like the example above, whose features are of the very modern flat design style.

They are didactic, modern and very engaging videos. Doodle Maker is one of the top video creating software to achieve a great whiteboard animation.

Whiteboard animations are an innovative way to advertise

In a world where Video Marketing , or digital marketing in general, is increasingly competitive, finding different formats to have a closer conversation with the public is always welcome, isn’t it?

If you want to sell your company’s products or services, explain ideas or a product, and differently from the crowd, the Whiteboard Animation technique can be very useful for you.

When done correctly and with an impactful script, the content is transmitted in a very didactic and effective way, be it an emotional video or more technical.

Whiteboard animations are very flexible

Whiteboard Animation videos can be used anywhere, allowing enormous flexibility for your company in any media or situation.

They can be inserted directly on the home page, on the sales page, on landing pages, on social networks, on the company’s blog or even at meetings, fairs, sent by email or at internal HR events.

For each objective, it is possible to build a specific script and also make different versions of the same content, modifying, for example, the CTA (Call to Action) for each situation.

Whiteboard animations are memorable and naturally viral

Even science shows that Whiteboard Animation is very remembered and convincing. The metaphorical aspect of animation videos on the Whiteboard, together with the advantage of displaying the visual history forming on a screen, results in a message format that really stays in the audience’s memory.

In addition, Whiteboard Animation videos are up to 3 times more shared than analog formats.

In other words, your audience will remember your video, will also remember your company and will spread the word about you. Is it good or you want more?

Whiteboard Animation videos have a high ROI

ROI, or Return on Investment, is the Holy Grail for 10 out of 10 digital marketing experts, and at this point, a Whiteboard Animation-style video undoubtedly stands out.

It is that the cost of a video like this is considerably less than an analog made with live action (with actors or recordings in general) or even traditional animations.

In addition, as we have already said, animated videos on a white board have great viralization potential, it is very didactic and tends to be more remembered. The famous “on target”.

So, did you like the advantages of using this innovative technique? Share your impressions with us and take a look at the other posts! To the next!