10 Best Tower Defense Games to Play in 2021

Evolved from shooters to strategy, Tower Defense games are very popular and have a large fan base, worldwide. The need for safety, possession, and a desire to protect the people closest to you is what usually excites tower defense game players the most. Build towers and prepare a defense strategy against the dark forces as they rush against you from other worlds. If you are also a huge Tower Defense fan, here are 10 games from this genre you can play in 2021.

  • Clash Royale – A combination of Tower Defense and TCG like Plants vs. Zombies, Clash Royale is a strategic card battle for the masses. Think of it as a relatively faster version of Clash of Clans. March a legion of warriors, build super-powered tesla towers, and destroy the enemy’s tower. Enjoy the intense real-time battles alongside the giants, sorcerers, goblins, Kings, Princess, Knights, and much more.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes – Who would’ve thought that the creators of the Tower Defense genre, PopCap would come with a spin-off? A mix of TCG and Tower-Defense, Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes is a Clash Royale-like game where you use cards to take down your enemy’s tower. Collect your heroes, lead them to battle against an army of zombies, maximize your plant energy, and dominate the enemy. Please note that the game is filled with MTX. So, spend carefully.
  • TD Warz– Want to know how good a Tower Defense Game player you are? Test your skills with TD Warz– the all-new head-to-head multiplayer Tower defense game. Build mazes with towers, create your strategy, and send hordes of creeps. Effects include poison, burn, freeze etc. Send more expensive creeps with abilities, such as stealth, healing, and critical damage, etc.
  • OTTTD : Over The Top Tower Defense, better known as OTTTD is a game that truly lives up to its name. Though not as challenging as compared to some other games in this category (might be a good thing for some), you do get amazed by the sentient eyeballs, towering mechanical foes, and chopper-riding octopods. Choose from a wide range of unique heroes, storm the arena, and destroy your enemies.
  • Bloons TD 5 – Looking for some balloon-popping action with Ninja Kiwi’s mighty monkeys? Try Bloons TD 5. Released in 2014, the game has earned several tower defense titles. It has done really well in order to entertain players of new generation with impressive graphics, and a handful of exciting new features.  Pop all the balloons with the Monkey Sub tower and complete the daily challenges.
  • Kingdom Rush – This is a no-brainer. Kingdom Rush is one of the most classic games of the flash days by none other than Ironhide Studios. The developers have put a twist on their time-tested formula, bringing back their beloved saga. New towers, heroes, and spells! Protect the kingdom from gnolls, serpents, and other fantastic beasts.
  • Rock of Ages – Blend together Tower Defense, Monty Python, and Marble Madness! What do you get? Rock of Ages! There are two castles in the kingdom: yours and your enemy’s. Defeat your enemy by destroying their castle, using a giant boulder. The twist? There’s an enormous boulder headed your way, too.
  • Anomaly 2 – Containing jaw-dropping visuals, this Tower-Defense game by 11 Bit Studios boasts the same quality graphics you would see on a PC. The tower-destroying experience feels great. You control a fleet of vehicles and your target is to demolish the massive structures of alien invaders. Maximize alien destruction by devising the most strategic paths.
  • Tiny Guardians – Heard of a Tower Defense game that has no towers? An adorable yet challenging game, Tiny Guardians takes you around the beautiful land of Prism. Save the citizens from beasts, forming your own party of tiny guardians. Search for the mysterious sorceress and upgrade guardians to unleash their powerful attacks.
  • Iron Marines – Survive the supernatural climates and deadly alien attacks and pave your way to victory with your army of marines. Strategically place structures, bomb strikes, and combat maneuvers. In addition to amazing battles, this game also has a cartoonish charm to it.

So this was our list of top 10 Tower Defense games for 2021. Found a game you like? Do comment and let us know.