Your guide for buying best Redmi Note 9 Pro Max cover

Mobile phones are one of our priceless possessions and case something happens to the phone; it will not only cause a financial burden on you but will also give you an emotional setback. Especially for delicate phones like Redmi, it becomes mandatory for us to buy the appropriate back cover. 

There are many categories and types in back cover itself which will confuse you and you will pick up anything that looks good to the eye. If you introspect, back cover is an important accessory because it is going to keep your super expensive mobile phone protected and unperturbed. This guide will help you make a wise decision for your Redmi Note 9 Pro back cover and you will be able to differentiate and analyse the different details that require to judge a perfect phone cover. 

Protection and Material 

Bumper cases

For the best level of protection, it is essential to select a mobile case that is made of a shock-absorbent material such as silicone or rubber. Bumper cases are a good option for your Redmi Note 9 Pro Max cover.  

Silicone and rubber cases

The silicone and shock-absorbing materials often cover the corners of the phone. So, in the case of impact at the corner of the phone which is the most common point of damage or your power and volume buttons,  it will keep your phone intact. These cases are unavoidably more expensive but worth your money. One thing you should be aware of is rubber cases have a drawback of stretching out with time causing a misfit

Flap covers

The front screen of the phone is the most essential and prone part. Displays cost a fortune to be repaired. Therefore, flap covers are a major asset here. Instead of investing in a screen guard separately, you could look for a leather flap case with is soft and comfortable to hold and also protects your front screen.

Plastic covers

Plastic covers are just for the sake of having a cover. The only protection the mobile gets is from minor scratches and marks and is of no help in the case of bigger effect like dropping the mobile from a height or mobile getting hit by a sharp and heavy object. If you own a Redmi mobile which is delicate, then try and avoid plastic covers.

Heavy metal cases

Also, Redmi phones have a problem of overheating. So you shouldn’t go for a metal case or a material which absorbs heat as it won’t be comfortable to hold your phone for a long time and the heat it radiates is not good for your body too.


Redmi phones are known to be cheaper but equally featured as any expensive smartphone. As you are buying a smartphone at a reasonable budget, it wouldn’t hurt to invest a little more on the back cover as you will be saving the phone from damage. It is easy to invest on a phone cover than the phone itself. So make sure you check the protection standards of you case and buy it wisely.

Know your purpose

It is important to know the nature of environment your phone gets exposed to regularly. Waterproof, shockproof, spill proof or whatever your major concern is, you need to figure that our and prioritize it when you buy your Redmi Note 9 pro max cover

Teenagers often tend to break their phones and compared to more matured customers. So, they should consider buying heavy-duty protection. If budget is not a constraint for you, then you can purchase hallmark products for a more durable option.


Although not that important, aesthetics are really important deciding factor for many people. You want your phone to look good, agreed. But it is advised to not compromise your protection standards for beautification.  Now the good news is, protection covers are available in designs and patterns too. Probably not as beautiful as the plastic ones but you can find pretty designs and colours in TPU cases too. All in one


Redmi note 9 Pro Max is an amazing choice of smartphone. Now its turn to make another amazing choice for its cover too. Research the options available, tally them with this guide and you will reach to a conclusion, a good one for sure