Why is SEO Important in Online Retail?

One of the greatest results of the digital revolution has been the rise of e-commerce as an important part of the internet space. Companies like Amazon and eBay have been around since the time of the dot com boom, and have survived various challenges in the form of competitors and changes in market trends and consumer behavior.

The current digital space has made it possible for every small business to become an online retailer. Through applications such as Shopify, websites can create their own online stores with all the necessary logistical support to run an e-commerce business.

To make sure their online retail stores have optimal visibility across various digital channels, digital marketers have to fall back on SEO and its ability to ensure organic reach across a target audience.

There was a time when niche used to mean a small field with not a great level of profitability. However, with SEO and digital marketing, even a small niche can be extremely profitable if the business or individual belonging to it is able to map the nature of the field.

From an e-commerce marketing executive to a student at a digital marketing course in Delhi, no one associated with online marketing doubts the role of SEO. In this article, we will discuss the impact of SEO Services Noida in online retail.

Improve Traffic

The only way an online retail store can increase sales and revenues is by increasing traffic to the website.

SEO is the prime technique to increase traffic to a website organically. By using the typical SEO recipe of content and keywords, an online store can surge in search ranking and improve incoming traffic.

Other SEO techniques such as link building are also important for improving the visibility of a website on search engines. There are a number of link building techniques that can be used to increase backlinks such as guest posting, blog commenting, PR writing, and so on.

Local SEO

In case an online store wants to target a local audience due to any given reason, local SEO can be used as an effective tool. In local SEO, the focus in the keyword research process is to find locally relevant keywords used normally by a local audience.

For example, if an online retailer does not have the resources to ship items to other cities and towns and can only cater to a local audience, local SEO can help direct relevant traffic to his/her website.


People tend to look for brands and companies they wish to do business with on Google, especially when they do not know a lot about the field. SEO helps improve the discoverability of a website on search engines. Whether the website is discovered through a popular keyword or its name itself, the mere fact that it is discovered is ensured by SEO.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways SEO plays a large role in e-commerce marketing. Professionals working in online retail and thinking about using SEO to improve the visibility of their online store should consider the points made in the article.

About the Author – KrishWadhwa is a local SEO expert having worked with several small and medium businesses over his ten-year-long career. He currently writes guest posts for top publications like Delhi Courses Institute. Known widely for its digital marketing training course in Delhi, DelhiCourses.in also conducts programs in other fields like business analytics and cybersecurity.