The iPad Air – Ultimate Guide

The iPad can easily serve as a repository of your creative work, saving large collections of videos and photos. The iTunes Store offers access to its library of video and recording media, as well as educational content. A powerful viewing interface and the ability to synchronize your data with the iPhone is one of the unique selling points of the iPad. But did you know that you can use the iPad to take photos and movies, too? Somehow it could be expensive to some extent. If you’re gonna buy in a bulk for an events or exhibitions purpose then should go ahead with some rental company rather than buying a new iPads because one of main issue is that new generation of iPads are coming so iPad hire is the best practise.

Operating System

Almost all modern iPad run on the iOS operating system, which is based on Mac OS X. However, the majority of consumers don’t have access to the official Apple app store. Instead, there are a number of third party apps that are available for download free of charge. With such a wide choice of apps it is possible to customize the look and feel of the iPad just as you would with an iPhone or iPod Touch. There are many specialized screen wipes available for the iPad as well. If your wish is to protect the portability of your device, investing in a good case will be worth it.

iTunes Store

Movies are one of the hottest categories among iPad apps, as more people than ever are watching streaming video on their tablet devices. You will find a huge collection of popular video and film apps, including Hulu, HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. You can easily access these and many other movies and TV shows through the iTunes Store. For those who like to watch their shows on the go, there are also several options for viewing these on your commute to and from work.

Touch-Id Facility

One of the most useful features of any modern cell phone is the touch-id facility. iPhones offer this as a built in function, but there are now alternatives. The great news is that the excellent sound quality offered by the iPad mini is compatible with most headphones. This allows you to enjoy audio while you’re out on the road. Whether you use your phone for calls or just for browsing the web, having a front listener for music is a nice added bonus.

Screen Orientation

It’s widely known that the first version of the iPad was extremely thin, even translucent. However, Apple has drastically improved the size of the latest iPad mini, which provides a much larger viewing area when the orientation is changed. To make the biggest difference, purchase an iPad are, the higher version of the iPad which offers a full keyboard. With the iPad mini, typing is a breeze. You can navigate through web pages with ease using the new iPad keyboard and stylus.

Many people love to use their iPad as a productivity tablet and there are a ton of apps specifically designed to help you do that. Some of the most popular apps for iPad are apps that let you view spreadsheets in portrait mode. For business users, there are apps that help you customize your calendar, create email accounts, manage projects, and more. If you are a movie buff, there are certain apps available to enhance your viewing experience.


Dock Connector

Another iPad feature that is unique to the iPad is the dock connector. Most devices that connect to the iPad have a magnetic dock that requires you to open up the device, insert the USB cable into the port, and then place it into the dock connector. Apple has designed the iPad to work with many iPad accessories, including keyboards, mice, and screen protectors. The iPad has become a hit because it combines the functionality of a traditional personal digital assistant (PDA) with the convenience of an iPod. The popularity of the iPad has caused Apple to make additional apps for it including games and productivity apps.

When you add great customer service, outstanding graphics, a wide price range, and easy to use apps, the iPad has really become the must-have gadget this year. Apple has made great strides in making the iPad even more appealing and functional. Even though the iPad does come with a large price tag, it is still one of the best selling products on the market today. The iPad is here to stay, and we expect great things for it in the months to come.