The Best Data Science Certification for Professionals in 2021

The SDS is the best data science certification for senior professionals you would have ever heard of.

Previously buried in the backroom of the IT teams, data scientists are now the most in-demand and hot lot for the business world with HBR dubbing it as the “sexiest job of the 21st century.”

Businesses utilized the expertise of the data teams even before – which consisted of statisticians, technologists and business subject matter experts.  The paradigm shift led by Big Data made data science professionals (an all in one combination) with advanced knowledge of mathematics, data engineering, and domain expertise, an imperative for businesses. However, even with the presence of the smartest technologies, most businesses are falling behind the curve when it comes to managing their data.

Globally trusted Senior Data Scientist (SDS) certification from Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is bridging the gap. The SDS is the best data science certification for experienced technologists. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s no surprise given that the field of data science is new and only ten years old.

We explore in this article everything about the how’s and why’s of getting SDS certification that prepares data scientists to slip into senior-level roles in their organizations. In this article, you will learn:

a) About the SDS exam

b) What’s the certification process of SDS

c) What does the SDS exam cover?

d) How to prepare for SDS

e) Why should data analysts and technologists get SDS certified?

About the SDS Certification Exam

Senior Data Scientist (SDS) is one of the most widespread certifications with footprints in more than 183 countries and having accredited professionals in 60+ industry vectors.

Preparing for SDS gives expertise across 11 knowledge frameworks in data science. It is an online and digitally proctored exam consisting of 85 questions of MCQ-type, which should be completed within 100 minutes. It can be taken from home or office, with a webcam facility. Questions are of both business and technical nature, so prior preparation help in completing the exam on time. A preparation kit is sent to the registrants to prepare for the exam.

Anywhere around 65%, correct answers are considered apt for passing and the award of the certification. However, the final score is reached after accounting for scaling, relative scoring, and difficulty level of the exam.

About 70% of SDS certified data scientists get promoted within eight months of getting certified.

What’s the certification process of SDS

There are 6 stages of becoming a Senior Data Scientist (SDS).

i. Checking Eligibility

There are certain educational and work experience requirements that must be met. They can be checked from the website or in case of people with unusual candidature an inquiry can be made by contacting the certifying body by stating your past achievements and background.

ii. Filling Online Application

Create an account online and fill the application form.

iii. Validation

An internal check will be conducted to check your credentials stated in the form.

iv. Preparing through Reference Material

Once everything is in line, registration is done and learning decks are sent to help applicants prepare for the exam (more on this below).

v.Taking the SDS exam

After 45 days of the registration, the SDS exam can be scheduled for any time in the next six months and can be taken from anywhere in the online mode.

vi. Award of SDS certification

If you qualify for the exam, you will be recommended for the award of SDS credential and digital badge which is helpful in promoting achievements with the employers, on LinkedIn, and other social media pages.

What does the SDS exam cover?

From data strategizing to end-to-end data lifecycle management including data governance, data ethics, business implications, are covered in the curricula of SDS. Knowledge of SPSS, SAS, R, RDBMS, and object-oriented programming helps in preparation.

SDS examination assesses strategic and business knowledge areas expected from a world-class data scientist.

How to prepare for SDS certification

After successful registration, a learning deck is sent to all that includes the SDS preparation kit. It doesn’t cost extra but is included in the registration fee. The kit helps in studying for the exam. Other than that, online quizzes are scheduled on a regular basis, which also contributes to the preparation.

Why should data professionals get SDS certified?

As you ascend the leadership ladder, it becomes important to possess diverse skillsets. Having a variety of knowledge would help you to:

a) Solve high-level problems effortlessly with cross-disciplinary experience.

b) Communicate the problems better among teammates and management.

c) Get your voice heard in all the rooms – be it with a board, upper management, clients, or employees.

Training for a senior position mandates transforming to a broad-spectrum thinking mindset covering technical as well as business aspects. It’s worth putting in efforts in SDS to expand your technical base and embolden your voice as a senior data science advocate and executive.