The 20 Best Logo Color Combinations to Inspire Your Design

Do you want an effective logo design for your brand?

Your logo is a graphical encapsulation of your brand, and color choice is fundamental in how to design a logo. So how will you make yourself a memorable brand to your target audience? If you’re hung up on how to choose colors for your logo, look no further.

Bring your vision to life with our top choices for the best logo color combinations!

  1. Luxury

Go for gold! Try gold over a matte black or midnight blue for a classy contrast.

  1. Bubbly

Pink and orange make a charming pair. Outline it with some white, and you’ll see a familiar doughnut chain. Use these colors for a friendly and lively atmosphere.

  1. Fall

Take a page from nature. Use warm oranges with true blue and mossy green. This captures the warmth of an autumn forest for a fall logo color scheme.

  1. Ocean vibes

Little boy blue, cornflower, and snorkel blue are a perfect mix to emulate the deep. Add some bright coral colors for contrast.

  1. Meadow

Iris yellow and mulberry pop against meadow green. This helps you emulate a down-to-earth vibe.

  1. Dainty

Gardenia is a soft off-white you can pair with other lace colors like jet steam and mauve.

  1. Sunset

Deviate from the traditional orange, red sunsets with some pinks and purples. Try sunset gold, ember glow, and ultraviolet. Inject warmth with copper.

  1. Peaceful

Dive into color psychology, and you’ll see that color can extend beyond aesthetics. Soothe the eyes with heirloom lilac, captain’s blue, and elderberry.

  1. Sci-fi

Try bluestone, xenon blue, and green flash for an eerie extra-terrestrial feel.

  1. Tropical

Iced mango and pink yarrow are a perky combination for tropical vibes.

  1. Macabre

Pair black with biking red and evening blue for a dark and mysterious color scheme.

  1. Amethyst

Have a wisteria-like color scheme with jacaranda, lavender, and orchid tones.

  1. Diplomatic

If you’re looking for a more formal color scheme, you can’t go wrong with muted colors. Go for neutral colors like taupe or gray. Juxtapose it with deep colors like burgundy or navy for that air of professionalism.

  1. Gunmetal

Beluga with quicksilver is a simple but elegant duo for metallic themes.

  1. Dark forest

Bayberry, martini olive and turtle green are a mix of warm and cool greens. Add a pop of frosted almond for highlights.

  1. Summery

Think of vacation with the colors of summer. Nothing beats the sand, sun, and waves. Use the cool shade of summer swim and sunlight.

Add a dabble of mock orange for the nostalgia of an orange creamsicle.

  1. Speed

Opt for flame colors to show you’re burning rubber. Pair this with a blue and a black and white checker, and you’re all set for the race!

  1. Bon Appetit

Are you running a business in the food industry? It’s no secret that red and yellow are popular color combinations because they stimulate the appetite.

  1. Pastel goth

The contrast of pastel colors with black is a new trend you can ride. Pastel colors like cherry blossom, peach bud, baby blue, and paradise green will pop against black.

  1. Danger

End this list with a bang. Yellow and black, like a caution sign or a hornet, are sure to catch the eye. If you want to experiment with the best logo color combinations, try this logo design maker.

Bring Your Brand to Life with the Best Logo Color Combinations!

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