Online Marketing Pro Evan Tynan Provides Digital Marketing Best Practices for Bowling Alleys 

Every business can benefit from digital marketing today, including bowling alleys. Evan Tynan is a digital marketing professional who specializes in triple crown sports. He’s here to provide digital marketing best practices for bowling alley owners.

Live Video

Live video is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. It allows your business to shine because it showcases your physical establishment.

Viewers can get a sense of what your bowling alley is like and how much fun they can have.

Some events are great choices for live streaming. These include celebrations like birthday parties and big events or league wins. You can even stream some of your most popular foods being prepared.

Facebook is the best choice for live streams because they prioritize them. This means you’ll be more visible.

Mobile Optimization

Google has been pushing mobile optimization for years, and it is becoming more and more important for businesses. Evan Tynan suggests ensuring that your alley’s website is optimized for mobile.

62% of web visits today are from mobile phones. In addition to ensuring that your website is visible and easy to navigate, be sure that your contact information can be dialed with a tap of the finger.

Online Reservations and Info

Once you get people to your website, you want them to be able to take action. Many people will avoid phone calls and prefer to make reservations online.

It’s important to have this feature on your website. It should be prominent and easy to navigate.

You’ll also want any information that customers may need on your website. Commonly asked questions like “Do you require a deposit” and price information should be available.

Interact With Followers

You know, social media marketing is crucial to your success. However, the importance of communicating directly with your customers or followers online can sometimes get lost.

Consumers want to feel like there’s a person behind your brand. When you chat with them online, you connect with them on a personal level.

Provide Useful Information

Evan Tynan states that one of the best practices for digital marketing is providing useful information. Perhaps you can write a post about learning how to bowl or tips to improve your game.

One of the best things about informing consumers is that they may share your post. This applies to blogs, social media posts, and even digital ads. Answer a question your customers have or present them with new ideas.

Review Your Assets

Lastly, digital marketing for bowling alleys requires a fresh look at your digital assets. Do you have broken backlinks? Are your landing pages SEO optimized? How quickly do your pages load?

Correcting these issues can have a big impact on your visibility and conversion rates.

Evan Tynan

Evan Tynan began his career as a volunteer intern for the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club nearly 15 years ago. Today, he works with Triple Crown Sports. He helps clients hone their digital message, specializing in graphics and branding.

He’s worked for many well-known organizations, including the NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball. His roles have ranged from Marketing Service Specialist to Interim Sports Information Director. He uses the experience and knowledge gained from these roles to provide excellent digital marketing services to clients.