How to choose the best tours and travels for chardham yatra?

The most sacred place for Hindus is said to be the chardham yatra pilgrimage. Every years lakhs of devotees visit these holy temples settled in the arms of mesmerizing Uttrakhand. The devotees not just seek blessings here, but embrace their heart and soul with divinity and peace.

The devotees who wish to do the chardham yatra have to plan their tour a year or two years before.

Firstly they have to check the opening dates for the chardham travel agency, and then to the prior official registration (which is free).

Planning and booking the chardham yatra isn’t a cakewalk, but there are many tours and packages that would help you.

There may be a local chardham tour operator you might know and conveniently book your trip from them.

There are also umpteen renowned and recognised names of the tours and travels that provide customised as well as group tour packages .

Apart from the local chardham tour package provided by local agencies, there are many recognised names for the chardham yatra packages like The, Make My Trip, Kesari Travels, along with the local players like The Uttrakhand travels, The Kashi yatra tours and travels, etc .

What you have to do is that connect with the appropriate tours and agency, tell them your budget and requirements. They will get back to you with different chardham yatra packages and itenary. You have to choose the best suitable itenary ( considering your budget and time).

These travel agencies are very helpful to guide you about the difficult and divine Chardham Yatra. They even provide a personal travel agent to you to make sure that you are clear and confident about booking the chardham yatra with them.

They will make you aware of the different packages like the helicopter package/ the road packages, etc. People usually choose the helicopter package when they have to travel with the elderly people or children.These tours and travels also suffice your requirement of a tour guide to make your yatra smooth and hassle free.

While the local chardham yatra packages could range from 20k to 40k , the recognised tours and travels might cost you 50k to 1 lakh and 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhs ( these are per person package prices)

There are many local group tour packages for the chardham yatra which might not burn your pockets, they would cost you between 15k to 18k per person according to your starting destination for the chardham yatra.

We would suggest you to book your chardham yatra wisely, prior with proper registration. Because once the registrations are closed, you can book your chardham yatra only next year.

In between, the chardham yatra pilgrimage is shut off for almost 6 months due to mostly bad weather.

We hope we are clear and helpful to you about how to plan and book chardham tour packages . Set your goal for next year, book your sacred chardham yatra this year.

We wish you safe travels and a divine experience that would stay in your soul till eternity!