How Audit Software Can Help Achieve Compliance

There are endless challenges posed by auditing systems based on clipboards, printed checklists and spreadsheets. There are the many hours of work in transcribing your notes, flipping backward and forward with your checklists, constantly losing your place, or scrolling to find the right question and the difficulty in finding all the right things when you need to summarise your audit. And when your audit report is finally finished, what happens with all of that information, and how can you use it to demonstrate compliance, for trend analysis and improvement? There must be a better way!

And we know it’s not easy to morph into an enterprise-wide and completely digitized audit software system overnight, but go through the features of our very own cloud-based audit management system and you’ll soon see how can help you achieve compliance.

The main requirement for conducting and audit to demonstrate compliance is to thoroughly understand the business processes. Mobiom does helps demonstrate compliance to regulations over several industry types, irrespective of the company size. This feature helps by allocating the best auditor for an audit based on the qualifications of the auditor and the industry type. Planning of recurring audits and inspections is easy too, with internal or well as external audits scheduled from hourly to a once every 3 years frequency or anything in between.

Large scale businesses are often spread over multiple locations, and often many suppliers or contractors. Mobiom can keep track of each site, whether it is internal or external, the number of employees, previous audit reports and issues, next audits dates, etc. All of this background information is stored within Mobiom, and does not need to be filled in each time an audit is scheduled, completed or a report is drawn, saving you time, but always giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

Through the inspections module, Mobiom allows you to easily check compliance of routine or daily business processes such as housekeeping check, end of the week checks, product quality checks, etc. You can add as many inspections as you like to the checklist library, which allows you to merge or combine similar checklists to make them easier for the operator to complete. These checklists are be split again after completion to enable separate reporting.

Proactive is always better than being reactive, and a good audit or compliance management system will help you identify and manage risks and non-compliances before they become issues that could cost you a fortune.

Mobiom allows you to run comprehensive reports that can be categorized by industry, audit, site, auditor, non-conformance type, etc. These reports provide powerful guidance to decision-makers at every level of the organization and help identify patterns in processes that can lead to non-conformances. Mobiom incorporates workflows to keep track of the actions taken to resolve non-conformances, and to ensure that they are effective, and can be shared with other teams that may be facing similar issues.

The core benefit of using an audit management system is more than the sum of its parts. It is not just to standardize and automate the audit and compliance process through the business, it is so you can demonstrate compliance with enough efficiency to leave you free to manage your business and get on with the real business of decision making and improvement. Contact us today for a free demo and let your business see new horizons of complete compliance.