Digital Payment Apps Blocked Temporarily Via Apple App Store?

The Apple App Store temporarily pulled Google Pay’s digital payments app. The app on Apple’s App Store does not seem to be looking for the Google Pay app (swell Google Tez). Google announced the program has been temporarily pulled because of a problem and users can shortly access Google Pay’s revamped app. This wasn’t the first occasion that the application has indeed been withdrawn because of any issues with an application industry. In August, a digital wallet quit the Google Play Store temporarily because of a mistake that must have been claimed to be corrected within hours by Google.

A Google representative informed everyone the app would not be accessible mostly on AppStore temporarily to address an error. The Android app is already freely available from the play store and doesn’t bother users of Android. Google’s representative in reply to News18 said Google Pay’s iOS app would be momentarily out of stock in the app store. Users will see the recent announcement shortly. Google has said some iPhone owners can face transaction defaults and can seek support in the support section of the app. “A limited number of Apple iOS users could suffer from continuous transaction payment defaults,” says Apple Speaker. Our teams are trying to fix it as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, affected users will benefit from the Google Pay system. We forgive our customers for the annoyance.

The Google Pay program on the iPhone and on the Web has been scanned in the Apple App Store. all of this recommended just a range of payment gateway competition such as PhonePe and Paytm, but just not the application. In your recently downloaded program, though, it seems, by clicking on which bug, you can find that you can’t connect to the app store.