Data Analysis of Past Audit Performance Made Simple by Mobiom

Data analysis is the process of evaluating and analyzing data to obtain insights about consistent or changing trends to develop conclusions and support decision making.

In order to perform data analysis, the data needs to be captured and available in a consistent manner, and needs to be available for analysis at the push of a button. Old style audit reports with reams of paragraphs and free form text does not allow for data analysis. Imagine all of the useful information that is buried in those reports – if only you could access it..

Reading manual audit reports of nonconformities, inspections etc. in Word documents or Excel spreadsheets can suffice at the time of audit, but processing large volumes of data using these types of files is not the best decision as they do not cater for measuring performance trends over time, across sites, across suppliers, or industry types.

Analysis of trends from past audit performance can be as accurate as the data provided. Any artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation is beyond the reach of many businesses at the moment unless they streamline how their data is captured to achieve optimum compliance and avoid risks.

Where a compliance management system is used as the data capture, it can then be used to simplify the task of analyzing data, discovering patterns, identifying anomalies, and obtaining other valuable information from data collections relevant to the audit. Viewing past audit performance data can help save unnecessary costs, mitigate risks, and better design business strategies.

Change is never easy, though a clear path to businesses transformation can be led by adopting the automation of a compliance management instead of continuing with paper-based systems. Auditors, organization management and auditees will all derive benefits where technology is maximized to deliver a high-quality audit.

Mobiom audit management system incorporates workflows to assist auditors with powerful data analysis derived from every audit you complete.

Reports in Mobiom can be generated according to industry type, audit date, auditor, site, inspection type, or non-conformances. For example, by selecting industry and site types, you can produce reports such as non-conformances over a given time period, or analyses you ‘top ten’ issues. This helps maximize your resources and target improvements where they are needed.

Mobiom can also presents the information reports graphically to enhance readability and better show trends. Auditors and authorized organization managers can access this powerful information whenever the need arises. Since Mobiom is cloud-based, information can be accessed on any hardware platform. Reports can be exported to .xlsx and .pdf formats when needed.

Mobiom has plenty more features, and is the future of all your compliance management needs. Feel free to book a demo today and take your business to new heights.