Convert from Airtel prepaid to postpaid and vice versa easily

Smartphones offer plenty of benefits and they have become our lifelines today. However, you need to ensure that the mobile plan you’re using suits your needs well. There are many mobile phone operators out there in the market. Each of them has their own benefits, plans, offers and more. It’s a matter of concern for many, to decide on the type of plan they need to go with. In addition, most people also think as to whether they should get a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan. It is not unusual for you to start thinking of prepaid vs postpaid in your mind. We all want good deals, and our needs can also vary.

While both prepaid and postpaid provide different sets of benefits, you should understand that it is quite easy to switch from one plan to another. Now, if you are eager to convert Airtel prepaid to postpaid, here are some of the methods that you can follow.

Use the Airtel website

  1. Open the Airtel website and go to the Postpaid section.
  2. In the postpaid tab, you will come across the ‘Switch prepaid to postpaid’ section. Click on it.
  3. Then, you will be asked to choose the one postpaid plan that suits all your needs. Also, make sure that you look across the entire range of benefits that have been provided here.
  4. Finally, once you are satisfied with the plan, proceed to click on buy.
  5. After that, you will be asked to enter your Airtel prepaid number. Also, you will be asked to enter your city name, address, and other information. Add all the details carefully.
  6. Confirm your Airtel postpaid SIM order.

Now, you can relax as your new Airtel postpaid SIM will be delivered to you in a few days. Do keep your address proof, Aadhaar card handy with you. These documents will need to be shown to the delivery executive. In addition, the delivery person will also take a photo of you to confirm your identity.

Use the Airtel Thanks app

The Airtel Thanks app can also come in quite handy if you are looking to shift from Airtel prepaid to postpaid. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get your plan changed, in a swift and efficient manner.

  1. First of all, you have to download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. It is available across both Android and iOS devices, so you can get it quite easily.
  2. Once the app has been downloaded, you will have to register yourself in the app. Use your 10-digit phone number for the same.
  3. Next, you will see an option for converting from prepaid to postpaid, below your account details. Click on that button.
  4. Now, a new screen will open up for you. Here, choose the postpaid plan that you think would best suit you.
  5. After choosing the perfect Airtel postpaid plan, you will also be asked to enter your email ID and home address.

Once all the formalities and payments are complete, the Airtel service agent will visit your residence with the postpaid SIM card. During the visit, you must ensure that you keep a proof of residence and proof of identity nearby. These documents will be needed for verification.

If you are someone who has a postpaid connection, and wish to switch to prepaid, then the process is quite similar as well. However, you have to do the vice versa of the instructions given above, since you are looking to convert postpaid to prepaid Airtel.

Now, you should also keep in mind that the steps mentioned above here are all DIY (do it yourself). In case you are extremely busy, or are unable to make the switch yourself, you can always visit an Airtel store. At the Airtel store, mention whether you want a new prepaid or postpaid, and the store agents will guide you accordingly.

While you are switching plans, you should also look for the OTT benefits that you are getting. Airtel offers various OTT benefits with different online recharge plans. Hence, you should go for the plan with the maximum OTT benefits at a reasonable price. We hope this blog helps you to convert plans easily!