Avatar creation app: 6 options for making cartoons on your phone

Applications for creating avatar are quite popular on social networks since it is possible to communicate through caricatures with friends. The characters can be modified to look like you, and it is also possible to select specific actions and expressions for the drawings, for example, the blink of the eye and the movement when you are thinking. Some apps even have the proposal to create a realistic avatar, like Zepeto and MojiPop.

Below, we have separated six caricature apps available on Android or iPhone (iOS) to create custom emojis and avatars. Below are options for creating custom designs to send to friends on social media.

1. Memoji

Memoji App

Memoji is an iPhone feature that allows you to create custom avatars to send in messaging apps. The function must be accessed through iMessage and is available on phones with iOS 13 or higher. To create your avatar, you must access the Memojis icon on the iPhone keyboard, as soon as you start a conversation in the messaging app.

With Memoji, you can personalize your avatar by choosing gender, skin color, hair color, hairstyle, eye color, sardines and face spots. In the end, you will have a series of emojis with pre-defined actions – like a face that blinks one eye or one that cries with laughter, for example. The differential of the app is that it allows you to customize the actions of the avatar itself: you can make the face pose using the cell phone camera or from a short video with a specific action.

2. Bitmoji

BitMoji App

The Bitmoji is an app to create an animated avatar Snapchat, which is available for Android and iPhone. It is possible to create a personalized caricature and, in addition to the main functions such as setting a skin tone and hair color, the app also allows you to modify the face structure and choose different clothing combinations for your character.

Through Bitmoji, you can modify the shape of the eyes, leaving them closer or apart and define the smile of your avatar. It is also possible to define the colors of makeup and choose different combinations for your character’s looks. In addition, the combinations are saved in the wardrobe icon in the bottom menu of the app – so you can check and change your avatar’s look whenever you want.

3. Dollify

Dollify App

Dollify is an application to make Avatar available for Android and iPhone. The app allows you to create female and male caricatures with big eyes that look more like dolls. You can set the skin tone of the avatar, the color of the eyes and hair, the style of hairstyle and you can add accessories such as earrings, necklaces and different models of glasses.

However, it is not possible to modify the character’s position, only his characteristics, such as eyelash size, eyebrow position and the lip size, in addition to the avatar’s clothing. But you can add filters and set a background theme for your character, in addition to saving the face on your cell phone to share it on social networks.

4. Zepeto

Zepeto App

The Zepeto functions as a social network and offers group activities with the characters. Available for Android and iOS, the app creates an avatar from a photo, using the phone’s camera. Position your face on the indicated mark and the app will generate an avatar based on your characteristics.

It is also possible to edit your avatar, modifying the hair, eyes, mouth, and nose and adding a look that suits you. The differential of the app is that, as it is a social network, it is possible to add friends on the platform to interact with them through avatars, in addition to being able to play in a group with the platform games.

5. Mojipop

MojiPop App

The MojiPop transforms photo in design to create a realistic avatar. To form the caricature in the app, it is necessary to take a photo or send a selfie from the cell phone gallery. Available for Android and iPhone, MojiPop scans its characteristics, such as the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth through the image, and transfers it to a caricature of you with pre-defined actions – such as playing football and being in love while holding hearts, for example.

After facial recognition, you must indicate your gender to proceed. Then, you can edit the character, modifying the shapes of the face and hair, for example. It is also possible to add clothes and accessories to it. When finished, you can access the top menu to find different pictures for your avatar and you can share them with friends on social networks.

6. AvatarBuilder


AvatarBuilder is an online service or you can say it SaaS. You can create your avatar videos online with this avatar builder. It is not for android or iPhone, but you can use it anywhere on the internet. It has several built-in templates for avatar creation. Read the complete AvatarBuilder Review to know more in detail.

7. Kouji

Kouji App

The Kouji is available for Android phones and iPhone. The app also allows you to create custom avatars for Facebook and other social networks. For this, it is necessary, initially, to define a name for your character and, later, to modify its appearance. It is possible to change the gender, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle and hair color, in addition to defining a look for the avatar.

The differential of the app is that you can control the actions and the mood of your character, in addition to modifying the scenery from the environments already available on the platform or customizing from a photo, for example. Your Kouji avatar can be shared with friends too, just click on the blue airplane icon in the center of the screen.

Now you know the best rated Avatar Builder Apps for your android and iPhone. So what are you waiting for, just start creating your first avatar now?