Assessing Supplier Performance All in One Place

Continuous audits of suppliers or contractors help us keep track of the quality of the goods supplied or work done. Failing to keep track of your supply chain can lead to inferior quality supplies causing further problems, delays, or losses. Let’s have a look at some of the broader reasons for supplier audits, and the advantages of good quality audits with a strong focus on closing out any of the issues detected.

Reasons to audit suppliers or contractors:

  • Avoid Risks and Costs – supply quality problems and inconsistencies can cause production delays, frustration amongst employees, loss of customers, and financial losses. Auditing suppliers on frequent basis can switch the focus to prevention, and keep a check on these issues.
  • Ensure Suppliers Comply to Your Standards – businesses usually audit suppliers at the time of signing contracts or establishing product specifications, but that as time wears on, there are often small changes that can occur that prevent set standards being met every time. Auditing suppliers at regular intervals helps keep a steady flow of communication, and ensure that both parties understand the impact of any change on the quality of supply.
  • Ensure Quality Improvements – by regularly auditing suppliers, organisations can identify trends and changes that may reduce the risks of quality and supply issues. Improvements in the quality and supply of goods supplied can be planned, implemented and flowed up to ensure the improvements have been effective.

Organisations may choose for on-site product evaluation at the suppliers’ location or conduct remote audits through the use of questionnaires to be completed at predefined intervals. Rather than emailing Word or Excel documents backwards and forwards, both these methods are best served by an audit management system such as Mobiom to create powerful checklists that cover all components of ensuring the quality of goods and services from suppliers and contractors with less effort. 

Mobiom is a cloud-based offline compatible audit management system which can be accessed on tablet devices running on iOS and Android platforms. Offline compatibility ensures that an auditor continues to access all the functions and features of Mobiom even where there is no network coverage.. 

Mobiom allows you to create customised audit checklists and requirements suited to every supplier. Whether handing out the checklist to be filled by the supplier or onsite supplier audit by an auditor, Mobiom can be used assess compliance identify where there are issues or improvement opportunities. 

Mobiom can store all the information generated in supplier management audits and turn them into powerful reports that can help you decide on supplier approval. Mobiom helps you to manage all of your suppliers by marking them as active or inactive, and each site shows a history of their audits, copies of certificates, expiry dates of certificates and so-on.. 

Mobiom can simplify compliance and help assess supplier performance all in one place. Let Mobiom streamline supplier management for your business. Call for a free demo today.