Advantages of Compliance Audit Management Software

Whether internal or external, audits are a crucial part of any business. A lot of time and effort goes into demonstrating compliance with strict and constantly updated regulations. This is particularly difficult for businesses that operate over multiple sites or regions, though this is where automation can help.

Audit compliance software can assist organizations with tasks such as keeping track of audit trails, managing inspection checklists, scheduling audit requests and managing communication flows.

Ease of Use

Audit compliance software are developed to increase efficiency and promote simplicity. User interfaces are designed to help perform audit tasks easily and quickly, and most software does not require much training before use. Software should be Android and iOS apps ready to makes them more interactive and portable. Reports generation should only be a few clicks away.

Reduce Duplication and Save Audit Time

Where possible, items that need to be checked and require a simple verification should be accompanied by a radio button or check box rather than requiring a written answer. Simply checking input fields is easy and saves time. Audit management software helps increase efficiency by reducing repetitive tasks like details of audit site and company name, and avoids data transcript errors where the same information is often entered multiple times. Inspection checklists containing similar questions can be merged into one consolidated checklist that can later be separated for reporting purposes. Reports can be generated quickly when needed, and where audit questions are completed consistently, audit outcomes and trends can be compared.

Efficient Evidence Management

The collection of sufficient and accurate supporting evidence is fundamental to audits. Audit compliance software running on Android or iOS devices allow you to support your findings with pictures or documents uploaded directly into the audit checklist. This ensures a comprehensive trail audit findings and non-compliances can be managed from the identification of the issue through to closure.

Data Security

Audit compliance software managed through role-based access ensures that sensitive information is only available to those that need to have access. For example, a site manager can only view information for their site and not go through information of other sites of a company.

Does More Than Audit

Audit software should manage all aspects of the audit, not just the completion of the checklist. Whether this be the scheduling of audits to the upload of audit travel bookings and  documents such as airline itineraries, car rentals etc. All audit records are managed in the one place, so there is never an excuse to lost information or to be confused about which is the latest version.

Helps Organizations Grow

Audit compliance software can help identify and track changes in a company’s operations by providing powerful reports. Companies can use this data for designing growth strategies of organizations..

Audit compliance software has reduced the pain and drudgery of audits and has completely transformed audits, making them simpler and time-saving.